Welcome to the 9th of December people. I hope you know what day it is because we are as sure as heck fire trying to let you know what day it is as much as possible at the moment. Not just with this Daily also with Christine's Advent Calendar and my very own Giggles Advent Calendar.


Credit: Kat Hall



But today isn't just about that it's also the last of Alex's Official Daily Weekly Fortnightly Wallchart...

So there we have it the truth at last... Or maybe not?

F1 Links

Pat has written a great article about pruning the junior series: Pruning the Feeder Series. Maybe there should be fewer junior series. Or maybe considering Christine was talking about "Is F1 Hard to Break Into or Simply Fully Booked?" you wonder if there needs to be more flexibility in the feeder series.

Pat wrote that as part of Blogger Swap Shop on Leigh O'Gorman's site http://theformulaoneandmotorsportsarchive.wordpress.com it has quite a long name. But it also has a fab interview with Justin Wilson. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Jackie Needs You!

If you have a Formula 1 website and you want exposure on the fabulous vivaF1 web site then all you need to do is be available next Wednesday (the 15th) for a quiz that will be a bloggers special version of their quiz. To take part you must be available on Wednesday evening and create a "fact sheet" to ahead of time. This fact sheet doesn't need to be anything too complicated just list some trivia and unique things about your site and send it to admin[AT]vivaf1.com

Non F1 Stuff

Mr C has wants to juggle with a quadrotor.

The comments have found Christine's ideal job.

After all of that... Is there any Formula 1 news?

Oh yes. Controversially Lotus Group are sponsoring Renault from next year causing all sorts of issues. Check out the Sidepodcast article and make sure you read the great comments: Lotus Group Invest in Renault for 2011. Why not leave a comment of your own? Go on... You know you want to.

The Team Lotus thing is complicated... Any way you can help?

I think so. I have made a short animated cartoon about the situation. Here you go:

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