*heart melts*

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*heart melts*

Gimme an F! Gimme an R! gimme an IDAY! Don't say that last one to Steve Jobs, because I don't want an iDay. What I do want is a Friday to spend with you faithful Sidepodcast commenters as we head towards another weekend with Christmas just a fortnight away! Oh my goodness. One minute it's christmas, then it's easter, than it's Christmas again then it's Halloween then it's easter again. Not sure how I've worked that one out. I will be honest chaps, I'm absolutely drained writing this tonight so I will do my best to make it the usual excellent standard you get from my fellow daily writers! Now, to the links.

Paddock News

Watcha Gonna Do When Hulk runs wild down to Force India? - I'm sure one of the Force India drivers will be paying close attention to their seat over the winter since Hulk's departure from Williams as it looks like our aspiring young German driver is eyeing up a drive with Vijay's small outfit who seem to always want to progress further in the sport. It seems a bit of a mismatch to me, seeing Hulk in an FI seems so odd to me but it's the best chance he has of a competitive car next year. Of course, where does this leave Paul Di Grassi? He'll also be looking at the same seat surely...

Badoer Moves On from Ferrari, very, very slowly - Get out your handkerchiefs, bring out the roses, and prepare for some teary action as I sadly inform you that Luca Badoer has finally left Ferrari after about 78 years with the team. ah, I'm sorry Luca, what matters is that you gave it a go and you did a good service for the tifosi and stayed true to them, and eventually you got a paddock pass for Valencia too. Our slow Italian friend says that his biggest regret at Ferrari was only racing twice for the team. Let's be honest pal, racing is pushing it a bit.

2011? That's a whole year away yet, Joe! I think.... - Oh Joe, you are a silly billy. first of all he's talking about very silly names of towns in england and france which are all very amusing and then he links that to F1. Giggles would be proud of a link like that. But Joe's been having a few moments whilst he's back writing up the final GP+ of 2010 about what 2011 should bring for teams up and down the grid. I like how mysteriously he treats the whole thought process, like Sherlock Holmes trying to work out what dastardly activities that nasty Bernie is up to now...


There Ain't No Bundle Like an Thursday Thoughts Bundle - Yesterday was thursday so that can mean only one thing - THURSDAY THOUGHTS! This week we had the fantastic Maverick from Viva F1 posted his question asking who people felt were the stars of the 2010 with plenty of responses all included in Christine's always helpful bundle of thoughts all on one handy collection for you to read through. I particularly enjoyed Marina's thoughts at VivaF1 with her various stars and thinking out of the box, but they're all great responses!

I said BRUNDLE. Not Bundle. Although Blundell is acceptable. - Two men who's history goes back many years. Two men who's names are so similar I always got them confused on the Playstation 1 Formula 1 game. Two men who have spent their time talking on television. One return. One race. lots of hours. Mark Brundle. Martin Blundell. They st... no, wait, something's wrong. I've got something wrong there. OH! Yes, of course. One of them is still on television. (sorry Mark! You're wot well good on twitter though, good luck to wot you and Martin will gonna do.)

It's Wiki to Rock a Rhyme to Rock a Rhyme that's Right on Time it's Wiki! - This single paragraph is going to be a super huge big thank you and well done to Christine who has rejuvanated the Sidepodcast Wiki in such fantastic fashion by bringing it back to life with a proper Wiki-style look and actually selfhosting now instead of relying on rubbishy wiki-lite sites that ruin it at their will despite your protests. It's only days for the new-old-new Wiki but Christine is doing a grand job bringing it all back and it's so nice to see the wiki looking like a wiki again!

And Now For Something Slightly Different

Great, now my Sword is Broken again! Stupid awesome Sword. Two. - This is actually the best iPod/iPad/iPedrodelarosa news ever. The legend that is Charles Cecil and Revolution Software are bringing Broken Sword 2 to the various little apple machines, WOOHOO! The original Broken Sword is already there and it's a fantastic, brilliant and mindboggling game to play with the sequel being even better in my opinion, AND! It's out before Christmas! Nice! But I have more iGames news for you my friends. If you own an iPad I strongly recommend you check out the upcoming brilliant World of Goo that is coming to the tablet, as WoG is a PC indie game that I absolutely adore with such addictive gameplay and so much fun to play. It is the perfect iPad game and when it's out next week you should definitely get it. But I have more iNews! Gosh! Yesterday saw the release of the staggeringly stunning Infinity Blade on the little thingies with many reviewers and game places saying it's really pushed the boundaries for what gaming can do on the Apple devices. Sadly it won't work on my rubbish 2nd gen Touch but anything above and you're alright...

The Daily Listen - Sam's Town by The Killers - I love the Killers. They are a fantabulously good indie rock band from the last few years and their sound, at their peak, is totally listenable to many audiences I reckon. But with most people, their best album is Hot Fuss. Don't get me wrong, it's a great album but I feel I may be in the minority when I share my love for Sam's Town over Hot Fuss. I LOVE this album. It has the most wonderful flow from song to song and everything feels so connected. Maybe Hot Fuss has more memorable songs but as an album Sam's Town is just such a highlight and one of my favourite music albums in general. Let't not talk about their follow up, Day & Age. That was... an interesting album. Interesting is an interesting word. But with songs's like Bling (confessions of a king), Read my Mind, Sam's Town, Bones, even Exitlude, I just love it all. Such a great listen of a band who had clearly developed after the success of Hot Fuss.

Well, that's me for another week. I'm just going to leave you with a friend from my living room... make sure you check out the Sidepodcast Advent Calendar and Giggles' one too!! Enjoy...

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