World Cup knockout stages

We are down to the last 16 in what has been a fairly fantastic World Cup so far with plenty of shocks, surprises, upsets and even a little nibble along the way. It was an underwhelming tournament from reigning champions Spain, going out before they even got going, and of course we all saw the likes of England, Portugal and other big names were eliminated whereas the likes of Costa Rica and Algeria impressively qualified for the final 16. It's going to be a fantastic bracket of matches with many big names still going towards the final - will Messi push Argentina to the top with a continuation of his impressive goals so far? Can the USA keep up an impressive run of form? And will Uruguay be able to react to the loss of star man Suarez? Let's hope they don't get caught snacking...

Glastonbury Festival 2014

It's that time of the year again to get out the wellies for the summer and to slide in muddy fields of good music as Glastonbury comes around for the biggest festival of the year. Glasto provides several days of music excellence from everyone you could possibly imagine and this weekend provides no lack of quality with three massive headliners. On the Friday night, Canada's finest in Arcade Fire make their Glastonbury headlining debut in what (from first hand experience) I can promise will be a memorable set. On the Saturday are British rockers Kasabian, following after the recent release of their newest album 48:13. Finally the weekend ends with the surprising headline debut for Metallica despite their 33 years in the heavy metal spotlight. Put these massive headliners along the likes of Dolly Parton, Elbow, Royal Blood, The Pixies, The Black Keys, Metronomy, Lily Allen... there really is something for everyone and that's only naming a tiny amount! The BBC will be providing coverage all weekend on BBC 2, 3, 4 and online too for those in the UK. I know I'm excited - make sure you join us for the TV coverage over the weekend and join in the music greatness!

World Cup group stages

After much waiting, it's finally here. The FIFA World Cup 2014, held all across Brazil, begins with the eight groups of four teams that have qualified across the globe over the last few years. Of course the first match of the tournament involves the hosts Brazil going up against Croatia but this is only the start - the group stages go on for two weeks with the top two teams of each group qualifying for the knock out stages over two or three matches being played every day one after the other. With the altitude and temperature of South America to deal with just as much as the squads' talents, we could be in for some upsets and surprises as teams from all over are welcomed by the football-mad country of Brazil. Will they and their youthful squad succeed as hosts? Can Spain breeze through a potentially awkward group on their way to retaining the World Cup? Will England be as dismal as everyone seems to expect? To quote Alan Partridge; the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding, in this case, is football.

Daily: 30th September 2011

Hello once again, Friday has turned up and we’re looking at a lovely Indian Summer weekend to enjoy ahead. It’s a little bit odd writing this daily post as I’m not quite sure what to write. If you’re a fan of the Daily Posts and what they have offered over the years, it turns out thatthis will be the final Daily Thread as discussed yesterday. If the Dailies are going to end then they’re going to end in a triumphant hurrah! Now, onto today’s links.

Reading Festival 2011

We may be approaching the end of the summer and most festivals may be out of the way but there's always time to sit down, kick back and enjoy some good music at the Reading Festival. I'm sure you will soon understand why we have this live thread from myself - you see, headlining on the night of the 28th is a certain band called Muse! Hurrah!

Daily: 12th August 2011

It's Friday! Happy Birthday, Chris! And happy birthday Friday as it celebrated it's 1,20384,043i84squajiullionth Friday. Something near that anyways. We ran out of candles, luckily there was just enough for Chris' cake.

Daily: 5th August 2011

T-minus 3 weeks until Formula 1, Muse and Doctor Who clash all on the same weekend. Oh my god I may just explode. 3 weeks to prepare but let's make the most of this Friday. Why not come in and enjoy today's daily in the comments? You won't regret it. We have cake. That's right, Jenson. Lots and lots of cake.

Daily: 29th July 2011

Hello and welcome to another edition of Friday. On today's show... who's birthday are we celebrating? What famous TV show has managed to get into a video game? And are the rumours true - is there a new member at Sidepodcast HQ? All this and so much more, and a little bit more than than, all in the daily thread!

Daily: 22nd July 2011

Heyyy! It's you! You made it onto the homepage! Well done you. Have a pat on the back. Have a cookie. I had one here for you but it disappeared. It later reappeared. Then I ate it. But hey, it's the thought that counts. The taste, too. But well done you for coming to the homepage and/or reading this on an RSS feed or Facebook. If you are one of those people, shame on you. Also, visit

Daily: 15th July 2011

Oh, hello there. Funny seeing you round these parts! Thing is. I don't have the internet at the moment (thank you unnamed internet provider of whom are related to an F1 team) so this may be a bit of an odd Daily. It is me, Lukeh, I promise you. Luckily with these internet issues Christine has very kindly published this for me. Nevertheless it is of course Friday and all of this daily has been put together using a HTC Desire, 3G and a lot of patience. Hurrah!! So let's see what awesome there is to share today.

Daily: 10th July 2011

I hope you're just as excited for the British Grand Prix as I am because it's going to be awesome! I'm not talking about wings or diffusers or any of that nonsense, today it's all about racing and having a brilliant Sunday!

Daily: 1st July 2011

Why did the man cross the road? To get to the GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED!! Well, he had to cross quite a few roads because it's quite far out and not in the hippy sense. Although it is quite far out, man. But seriously, it's quite far out. What I'm trying to say is, welcome to Friday 1st July.

Wimbledon 2011: Day 8

How can you follow up a day like that at Wimbledon? Well, I have an idea - how about more awesome tennis to behold and enjoy? Yes, whilst yesterday was an absolute mammoth of a day with big names falling out and some huge matches being played today is no different and there's plenty to look forward to down on the hallowed greens of SW19.

Daily: 24th June 2011

Gimme an F! Gimme an riday! What does that spell?! Well it spells two different works, F and Riday, neither are an established word so to speak so it's all gibberish really. Unless we rename today to Fandriday, which sounds like a Scottish town more than a day really.