NFL 2013 - A fantastic invite

It is currently over 200 days between the Superbowl and the first competitive game of the next NFL season, and it appears that time is all-but elapsed already. What will happen in the season to come?

Super Bowl XLVII - The tale of two brothers

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and that can only mean this is Kai and Steven's third annual Sidepodcast Super Bowl preview. For those who don't know the game but may want to watch I highly recommend the post that introduced badgers and mascara to Sidepodcast.


It truly was an ‘I was there’ moment. Sat in my university flat in shock that the Ravens were going to the Super Bowl after rolling over most people’s choice for the best team in the entire league, the New England Patriots. Yes the Baltimore Ravens are going back to the Super Bowl for the first time since I was a small lad living in Baltimore, when the Ravens had a record breaking defence with Ray Lewis (in his prime, no less), Tony Siragusa, Chris McAlister and O.J. Brigance.

Super Bowl Baby, yeah!

What can I say, most if not all of my post-season predictions, (not to mention fantasy team) have bombed, but does that matter? No! – because we have been left with a superb Super Bowl matchup: Representing the AFC, the Baltimore Ravens, and they’ll be facing off against the NFC’s San Francisco 49ers; all taking place in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Possibly the biggest headline in the run-up is the Head-Coaching matchup between 2 brothers. The Harbaughs are the first to face-off as leaders of opposing teams, in what some are dubbing the Harbowl, the Bro Bowl, or my favourite, Harbaugh-mageddon.

NFL - The 2012 Post-Season preview

After what feels like a long regular season is in the books and ahead of the Playoffs starting on the 5th / 6th of January, this is how the playoff-picture has shaped up, the 12 teams who made the cut, and how they might vie to play in and win Super Bowl XLVII.

NFL for rookies

A while back we live commented the Superbowl. Initially this was going to be a one off event but Sidepodcast being Sidepodcast it grew arms and legs and after live commenting one game a week for a season or two we now have a live commenting thread open all weekend where people can discuss whichever NFL game takes their interest.

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013 preview

This weekend sees the return of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship, the crackers but crazy-good icecapade that pits four skaters against each other down a demanding and slippery track. It's high speed, high entertainment, and high on our priority list.

Superbowl 46 preview (or Badgers and Mascara redux)

Welcome to Kai and Steven’s second annual sidepodcast Superbowl preview. As you will know if you were paying attention last weekend the New York Giants who are the champions of the NFC (and Kai’s favourites) play the AFC champion New England Patriots at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis in Superbowl 46. This is a repeat of Superbowl 42 which against the odds was won by the Giants. The game takes place on Sunday February 5th and kicks off at 6:30pm Eastern / 11:30pm GMT, and there will be a live event available for commenting on during the action.

Daily: 30th September 2011

Hello once again, Friday has turned up and we’re looking at a lovely Indian Summer weekend to enjoy ahead. It’s a little bit odd writing this daily post as I’m not quite sure what to write. If you’re a fan of the Daily Posts and what they have offered over the years, it turns out thatthis will be the final Daily Thread as discussed yesterday. If the Dailies are going to end then they’re going to end in a triumphant hurrah! Now, onto today’s links.

Daily: 29th September 2011

Hello all and welcome to Thursday. We've had time by now to look back and reflect on what was a reasonably good Grand Prix. For the leader it was a pretty boring, formulaic race but for those further down the field things got a little more interesting. I've decided not to do a Memorable Moments post this time around, primarily because the Singapore GP has only been around four years and apart from the Nelson Piquet Jr thing and the Felipe Massa fuel-rig thing in '08, there's really been nothing specifically memorable about this track. There was of course the Hamilton vs. Massa thing this year, then again, the main reason why that's memorable is because it only happened four days ago. All this is unfortunate, because it means I'll need to work extra hard to make this Daily a little more interesting. Still, needs must, and my efforts are exemplified here. Back in August I did a YouTube-inspired motor racing biography of English racing driver James Hunt. This time I've chosen another English racing driver-turned-pundit-turned-commentator-turned-father-of-a-racing-driver, Martin Brundle. So here we go:

Daily: 28th September 2011

Hey guys. Hope you have been well. I watched the race late on Sunday as I had been to a friend’s house to watch the cycling… we even got on TV :) Oh, and a McLaren won the race ;) Apparently the F1 race was quite boring but I enjoyed it.

Daily: 27th September 2011

I know my place. Have a great Tuesday.

Daily: 26th September 2011

Hello! I hope today finds you in fine spirits and good health. Despite Senna having an appalling weekend – Renault had tyre trouble, leading to Senna’s brief flirtation with the wall – and Schumi attempting short-distance flight, there were some positives this weekend.

Daily: 21st September 2011

Hey there folks! Hope you are having a great week. I have been busy, and Copenhagen is pretty quiet right now because they have closed off all the roads in the city centre to hold some sort of bike race – I went out to see it yesterday but it was a bit meh. A police bike, a cyclist and then a station wagon barking orders at the cyclist. Then nothing for a while, then repeat! But on Sunday I will visit a friend’s house to watch the proper part of the cycle race. Also this weekend I am going to a Kiwi pub to watch the All Blacks play France and go to a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. So much to look forward to!

Daily: 19th September 2011

Let's start the week with a bang. Formula 1 is Singapore bound, as the travelling carnival prepares for the sport's solo night race. Despite being a relative newcomer to the F1 season, this is already one of my favourite events. This year, organisers have lined up Shakira, Linkin Park and Shaggy concerts throughout the weekend.