Daily: 18th September 2011

Hello there, it's Sunday and it's not a race day, so what are you doing with your hours? I know we have people out and about, travelling. Pat is on his way to the Goodwood Revival, and Amy is in Sydney watching some tennis. Meanwhile, here at Sidepodcast, we're locked away in the office thinking, plotting, planning and getting creative. Oh, and we'll be recording the Debrief soon, promise.

Daily: 15th September 2011

Good day everyone to another Sidepodcasting day. It's been a bumper weekend of motorsport, some of which I'll mention here and others I won't - I don't have that much time on my hands. I'll even include non-motorsport news - anything to fill up a Daily page.

Daily: 14th September 2011

Hi there. Hope you are well. Got some links for you today!

Daily: 13th September 2011

Welcome to a daily post with a difference. You see, the rather wonderful Mrs Christine has spent the past four days being beyond fabulous in so many ways I thought I ought highlight some of her efforts, lest they pass unnoticed.

Daily: 12th September 2011

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Monday after a race. It always feels slightly melancholy, doesn't it? Knowing that the result has been decided and history shaped, for better or worse.

Daily: 7th September 2011

Hello New Daily! How are you all? Since last time I wrote, I went for a run, which made me a bit tired so I had a restful weekend. I did go to Tivoli Gardens though. Then on Monday, I went for a family day out with work to the Zoo, which was lots of fun and we saw Lion cubs! We then had a lovely dinner and then went home. We got quite lucky too because we’ve had a awful lot of rain lately! Some links? OK then…

Daily: 6th September 2011

Tuesday is barely a few hours old and is already looking unusual. I don't recall my last daily post for this site, but it must have been a while ago. To further compound my confusion, I've borrowed Christine's MacBook to write this on, as mine is somewhat tied up rendering new and interesting things.

Daily: 5th September 2011

Hello and welcome to Monday, it's that time again, time for a daily. I suppose it is also back to school time again. I always remember the fifth of September as the sort of time I'd get that sinking feeling. Thankfully, school was a while ago for me. Anyways, what kind of F1 things are we talking about?

Daily: 3rd September 2011

Due to the summer break there has only been one race since my last update, the lovely Spa. Heikki made it into Q2 for the second year there in a row! I was hoping for some rain on Sunday simply because I got rained on so much last year, and also because rain always gives Heikki an excellent chance for a strong finish. Sadly things stayed dry and he came home in 15th.

Daily: 1st September 2011

On last fortnight's daily post a pub prediction question was submitted on whether or not it would rain during last weekend's Belgian Grand Prix. The answer given to this question was, 'Yeah, probably.' It has come to my attention that the Grand Prix was dry throughout, therefore the answer given in the post was incorrect. I wish to apologise for the error made and promise that such inaccuracies may or may not happen again, depending on if I can be bothered to put the research in.

Daily: 31st August 2011

Hi Wednesday! Hope you are all well!

Daily: 30th August 2011

Hello, welcome, it's another day. We are almost at the end of August. How has that happened?