Daily: Saturday 27th August

Answers to the 7th Most Difficult F1 Quiz!

Daily: 24th August 2011

Right, so F1’s back on this week and the teams are heading to Spa as we speak. Check out the Tweets of the Week and Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings to see what else they have been up to. Also, listen to the Debrief if you haven’t already!

Daily: 22nd August 2011

Hello there, it is Monday, the start of another week, and this is your daily post to kick things off. F1 will return next weekend, so the summer break is over, the waiting is almost done, things will start kicking into gear once more.

Daily: Saturday 20th August 2011

Try your skills at this super tough F1 quiz! For a prize!

Daily: 18th August 2011

Good morning everyone. How's everyone coping with the current F1 season hiatus? Yeah, me too. But worry not, because this channel from Justin.tv shows continuous coverage of Formula 1 races from past and present for those of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The only thing is, it tends to bring up ads - both pop-up and over the screen - so you might have to either put up with it or refresh your screen a couple of times.

Daily: 17th August 2011

Hey guys, how has your week been so far? Are you enjoying the F1 ‘summer holiday’? If you are missing your fix of F1 action, I may have some links to help tide you over…

Daily: 15th August 2011

Hello Sidepodders! How are you doing? May I ask you a question? Let's suppose that you had a robot to wake you up each morning with a cup of tea/coffee and some kind of greeting that was less jarring than the traditional alarm clock noise, what would be your noise? More importantly, whose voice would you record to say it? (I'm excluding Andy Serkis as a possibility, because “Good morning, Preciousss!” is too creepy to contemplate)

Daily: 14th August 2011

Hello everyone! How are you on this fine Sunday? Enjoying the break from F1? No, neither am I. However I have a plan to help us stay happy and smiling on this second Sunday of our holiday. To help on this F1- less day here is a cute little <a href="http://thedesigninspiration.com/articles/70-cutie-baby-animals-bring-your-a-good-mood">link</a>. Everyone loves baby animals right?

Daily: 13th August 2011

I hope you brought your Rekorderlig Cider because today we go on a SidepodTrek to beautiful Sweden. Use this to help you order it. Välkommen till Svenska Lördag! [Welcome to Swedish Saturday]

Daily: 12th August 2011

It's Friday! Happy Birthday, Chris! And happy birthday Friday as it celebrated it's 1,20384,043i84squajiullionth Friday. Something near that anyways. We ran out of candles, luckily there was just enough for Chris' cake.

Daily: 11th August 2011

Hi, and welcome to Thursday. Today we learn about the popularity of words, see pictures of a Martian landscape, delve into the history of the Apollo missions, find out if my car passed its MOT, and take a look at this week's racing schedule - and all that in under 325 words!