Daily: 15th May 2011

What a day? What a daily? From Jenson to Pie.

Daily: 12th May 2011

Today in the Daily Post, Professor Giggles explores the relationship between a quote about potatos and the Delorean from Back to the Future. This Daily Post may be recorded for Quality and Training purposes.

Daily: 31 March 2011

Shhhh! Don't mention anything about a secret thing here on the homepage... Just try to casually mention something about broccoli in conversation in the comments on the daily post... That'll fox 'em.

Daily: 17th March 2011

So why don't you http://bringafriend.to/sidepodcast/ ? I made a site! It's very simple...

Daily: 17th February 2011

Welcome to the 17th February it's a Thursday but don't let that bother you. Why not read this, test yourself with a quick quiz and leave a comment?

Daily: 3rd February 2011

A daily post that celebrates the Homepage... Now that's not something you see every daily.

Daily: 6th January 2011

Another day... another daily... Alex "Giggles" Andronov returns with another daily post featuring news, F1 and not F1 links!

Daily: 9th December 2010

Welcome to the 9th of December people. I hope you know what day it is because we are as sure as heck fire trying to let you know what day it is as much as possible at the moment. Not just with this Daily also with <a href="http://sidepodcast.com/advent-calendar/2010">Christine's Advent Calendar</a> and my very own <a href="http://gigglesadvent.com">Giggles Advent Calendar</a>.

Daily: 25th November 2010

Hello everyone. Last time I was here on daily duty I got in trouble because there were no links. This week I'm going to reverse the trend. Other than in this opening paragraph the rest of the post is going to be all links from here up until the fifth (out of six) videos for Alex's Official Daily <del>Weekly</del> Fortnightly Wallchart. I count 50 links - have a great day!

Daily: 11th November 2010

Two guys sit in a steamy cafe. One is short and smiley, the other looks grumpy and cross. - It's the increasingly bizzare Giggles Daily Post...

Daily: 28th October 2010

Hello everyone welcome to another one of my daily posts. Featuring Korea, Webber, a foil covered dog and Alex's Official Daily <del>Weekly</del> Fortnightly Wallchart.

Daily: 14th October 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to the second of my regular daily posts. The key question is after this one will I actually continue including the number? It's hard to say.

Daily: 30th September 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of my regular daily posts. I'll be covering Thursdays with <a href="http://toomuchracing.com/">Pat W</a> I think although I forgot last week and Steven Roy had to do it (he still doesn't have a blog so can't really have a link but I could link to <a href="http://sidepodcast.com/author/steven-roy/">his author tag on Sidepodcast</a>). But anyway the point is that Thursdays are pretty terrible affairs, everyone knows that, and that is why it's best that no one commentator attempts to takle the covering of Thursdays alone.

Daily: 24th August 2010

Hello everyone... this is my first ever daily post! I am currently acting as a super sub. That's right? Do you or your friend have a need for a daily post to be written at the last minute then who you gonna call? That's right... The Ghostbusters. But what if they are out doing their actual job of catching ghosts? What if they don't have time to write daily posts because catching ghosts, I hear, is quite tiring work. Give those guys a break they can't do everything for you you know. So I think we're all agreed the Ghostbusters are out... That's just common sense. I mean what do you do then? The A-Team? Fuggeddaboutit. It's time to get in your friendly neighbourhood Giggles. So lets take a spin through the news. That's what we do right? Links about the events of the day. And we all know what today is about, today is about Amy arriving in London (She actually arrived yesterday - Ed [Shhhh - Alex]).

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 3

Hi this is World Cup Day 3 and this is Alex Andronov. I am writing this from my holiday in France where the world cup also takes place, it being the cup of the entire world. During the England vs USA match this is how the situation looked here.