Baubles covered in Snow on an outdoor Christmas Tree (from a recent trip to Tivoli Gardens)

Credit: Gavin Brown

Baubles covered in Snow on an outdoor Christmas Tree (from a recent trip to Tivoli Gardens)

Hello Midweek! I have been off with the Man-Flu, but 14 hours of sleep seem to have cured that! So I have had some time to trawl through the interwebs and look for some decent articles for you to look at, which I hope you will enjoy!

F1 Stuff

It may be the off season but there are still a few things worth talking about in the F1 world. There has even been some news (sort of)! Bernie Ecclestone has appeared in a shocking but amusing advert sticking two fingers up at his muggers by letting the watch company use his bruised face in an advert. Adam Hay-Nicholls has a round up of it here.

Speaking of Bernie, the boss of the O2 Arena, David Campbell, is joining Allsport, which is basically the company that Bernie Ecclestone runs to promote F1. A few people are now suggesting that Mr. Campbell might take over from Bernie some day. Oh, and Holly Samos tweeted that he is her old boss!

Mark Webber revealed in his book that he raced the last four races with a broken shoulder, only telling his doctor about it and not the team. Understandably, Christian Horner is disappointed and admits he didn't even know about the book. Tom Cary of the Telegraph and Maverick from VivaF1 have some excellent thoughts on the subject, too...

At this time of year, people tend to look back and review the action from the past season. Stuart Taylor (Chainbear) has released a meticulous list of F1 quotes spanning the whole of 2010, which is well worth a read. Some people quoted look rather foolish and others look rather prophetic. VivaF1 have a rather amusing post called 'The Highway Code Guide to 2010' which depicts each Grand Prix as a road sign. Also Lukeh looks at what he would give the people in the F1 paddock for Christmas - and has Mark Webber on a tricycle!

AUTOSPORT recently had an awards gala where lots of people won some lovely trophies and stuff. James Allen went and Joe Saward didn't. But then Joe hasn't done a radio advert for Coco Pops and James has. Go figure.

Joe also has a great post about the proposed new engine formula for 2013. I for one like the idea of small Turbos and increased KERS - and I hope it leads to F1 being more innovative and open than it has been the last few years. Hopefully it will be a shot in the arm for the sport, rather than the 2009 regs which seemingly shot the sport in the foot ;)

Apparently Stirling Moss has been Schumi-bashing and his team mates are included in the collateral damage. I adore Sir Stirling but I reckon his comments are a bit out of line, considering that Schumi's team mates were never allowed to challenge him until now...

Speaking of Schumi, what are he, Prost and Vettel doing in this pic? Captions please!

The Piquet family have won some kind of libel case against Renault for false statements made during the investigation into the Singapore 2008 palaver. Sounds like a Pyrrhic victory to me. Anyway, check out how awesome Nelsinho Piquet was and why he's missed in F1 these days ;)

Speaking of Brazilian drivers, Felipe Massa was on a boat which grounded and sunk! Don't worry, he's ok... but not the best year for Felipe, is it?

Some short stints for you now... Lotus Racing are arranging factory tours, Timo Glock is pumping iron, Stuart Codling has a new book coming out next year, and if you ever wondered why F1 Badger is named as such, read this article - but TBH I didn't really think they gave an answer ;)

Other Stuff

Of course, I have been reading some non-F1 stuff today too. Lukeh has been busy playing Gran Turismo 5 and blogging about an excellent BBC Comedy Series called 'The Trip' - worth looking at just for the clip included where Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan argue with each other in a Michael Caine style!

Everyone's favourite articulate F1 pundit (Mark Blundell) is at it again, testing out a virtual version of his 1991 Brabham on rFactor. When asked what was the one worst weakness of the car, he replied "I've got no idea - honestly I don't remember!" - Pukka thoughts me old china ;)

Apparently a dog went nuts on a flight, ran around silly and started biting people, causing an emergency landing (Warning, article slightly NSFW)! How come a dog was allowed inside the cabin?

Been to the movies lately? Here is a movie trailer for every Oscar-winning movie ever. Gotta love how accurate it is ;)

Remember the Bing Crosby & David Bowie version of 'Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy as played on the Giggles Radio Christmas Special? Well, I have found another version by Jack Black and Jason Segel and it's just as awesome! Check the video out!

How is this for weird? A man has been ticketed twice by the same cop for speeding on different sides of the world. To make things even more odd, the man in question has only ever broken the law twice!

Apparently there may be an iPad 2.0 released in the next 100 days, which will feature the much-missed camera that people wanted on it. All Christine wants is the orientation lock back though, I reckon!

That's all from me - I hope you enjoyed today's links. Be sure to check out the Sidepodcast and Giggles Advent Calendars and I will see you in the comments!

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