Today's daily post is a post with a minor difference. This very lovely Amanda is away today and we promised via the comments to organise a super-sub stand in... and then we all forgot. If only we had some form of handy Twitter bot to do all our remembering for us.

It's warmer on the inside.

Credit: Bassano

It's warmer on the inside.

F1 News

I am by far the worst person in the world to tell you about Formula 1 right now, but here goes.

In case you weren't aware, there are just 96 days to go until the next F1 race in Bahrain and that feels frighteningly close. If only we had some form of handy Twitter bot to do our counting down for us.

Motorsports annual backslapping event at Grosvenor House happened and that was nice. I tried to get excited about the event for about ten minutes but really, it's no FIA gala is it? It did amuse me that the location of choice has yet to discover the wonders of wireless internet, nicely providing a perfect print-media synergy for all attendees.

According to the official Sidepodcast Calendar (and Maverick who remembered to check it), today is Robert Kubica's birthday - that assumes the calendar is correct of course, during the weekend a Google glitch saw New Year's day move forward half a week, most unfortunate. Kubica is now the ripe old age of 26, tonight we'll raise a glass for Formula 1's very bestest driver (so says I and I'm writing this, so shush you).

In truth there isn't a lot of Formula 1 news at the moment, and what there is, F1 Minute sums up better than I can. Go listen now, I'll be right here when you're done (anything to save a bit of typing).

Non F1 News

Lukeh put on his creative thinking cap and came up with some perfect presents for paddock people. I especially love the Fireman Sam suit. If you haven't read it yet, please go take a look now.

Christine's fabulous advent calendar continues throughout the month of December. Today the girl is looking back at Schumacher's return, so pop on over and open door number seven to hear all about it.

Giggles' Advent is also providing much needed amusement on a daily basis, so make sure you watch today's video.

Christine has now closed the lines for the end-of-season mega mix, expect a fantastic mashup soon. A massive thumbs up to everyone who made the effort and two fingers up to those who couldn't be bothered.

I mentioned at the weekend I was planning to vanish and work on some much needed site updates and as you may have gathered that plan is going well. If you don't hear from me for a week or two that's where I'll be and if you do hear from me, be sure to send me on my way.

I shall bid you good day and I'll leave you with the Spinal Tap page on IMDB, with ratings that go up to 11. Oh and don't forget to keep sending us your daily festive pictures too.

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