Sergio on a Stick

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Sergio on a Stick

"Hey Sergio, I tell what isn't real, Santa Claus."

"He is real, stop it, stop it."

It had been going on for weeks. Young Sergio had been tormented by his older brother Kamui for his belief in the man who lived in the North Pole. The two lived with their uncle, Peter, for a short time after Mario had walked out on them abruptly. It had been a tough year settling themselves down in their new life, but with Christmas fast approaching, everyone in the house seemed happy enough.

To the suprise of the pair, the door swung open, and in marched James, a much older cousin, a man who always had plans to get them out of sticky situations.

"Whats up guys?"

"Kamui is saying Santa isn't real again." Sergio moaned with a sad face.

"Aw, come on Kamui, play fair, or you'll not get any presents in a few weeks time." James chuckled to the pair of them, "Anyways, Peter told me to come in here and show you this, can you believe it?" He threw a sheet down on the floor in front of them. "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Sauber, Peter reckons we should take them to court for hurting our repuation as a family."

"Thats awful." They both said in unison.

"Yeah, totally, listen, I gotta get out, keep thinking about Santa, Sergio." James winked at the young man and left the room. A Bird flew by into shot, becoming a promenant figure and unnoticeable for the two boys in the room.

"Look, a robin, Christmas is so, so close now," said an excited Sergio.

"Oh enough of Christmas man, you know Peter goes to France for that week, when its all quiet over there. What do you expect us to do?"

"I thought it was Australia, you know, the Ashes, where England are slaughtering the Aussies, thats where all the excitement can usually be found?"

"I don't know, all I know is he's going away and leaving us with James, who will likely leave us over with Frank and Rubens and that Venezuelan boy they just adopted while he locks himself in that basement of his painting stuff." That comment from Kamui raised a smile from the opposite side of the room, "Hey Sergio, put the radio on will ya, Alex Andronov is doing his Christmas special show, I love that guy."

"Me too!" Sergio skipped to flick the on switch and out blasted 'Mistletoe and Wine', "Err, can we turn it off again?"

"No, no. Anways, that will stop everyone from discussing my plans. I say when Peter goes away, we sneak off to..."

"The North Pole?"

"Don't be so ridiculous, I am talking about somewhere hot, like Cleveland in Ohio. Thinking about its such a good idea."

"It's hardly the North Pole," said a dejected Sergio.

"Keep dreaming brother."

Sergio looked to the ground and turned away leaving the room. Kamui shrugged a little, both of them failing to realise someone spying in on their conversation.

To Be Continued...

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