London 2012, Day 8

Right, I know it’s going to be hard to grab your attention away from a finely poised Test match between England and South Africa, but there are medals still to be won as the Olympics enter week two. Today will be the last day to see rowing at Eton Dorney and swimming at the Aquatics Center, with a total of 4 gold medals up in each. The athletics kicks up a few gears with the heptathlon, women’s 100m and men’s 10,000m. Away from Olympic Park, Maria Sharapova takes on Serena Williams in the tennis, and Team GB will be hoping to avenge the women’s death by beating South Korea, before their inevitable defeat to the mighty Brazil in the semi finals. There’s also medals to be won in badminton, fencing, shooting, weightlifting and the torturous triathlon, so if you still fancy watching England get bowled out for 238, it’s on you.

Daily: 8th July 2011

You missed me didn't you? It is fine to admit it.

Daily: 9th May 2011

This is the start of the best week ever.

Daily: 2nd May 2011

Happy Monday. Apart from Michael Cairns, yes you, it didn't go over the line. Pal.

Daily: 18th April 2011

Read this daily. This excerpt will be simple and memorable.

Daily: 11th April 2011

This is not a subliminal message, but speedway is better than the MLB.

Daily: 4th April 2011

Funny and unique Daily Post excerpt goes here.

Daily: 21st March 2011

I have the Irish Eurovision song stuck in my head. It is by Jedward. Somebody, please, please help me.

Daily: 14th March 2011

Note to self: Write stuff for your blog. Got it me lad?

Daily: 7th March 2011

For Dean Richards.

Daily: 28th February 2011

Top 4 players in golf. Martin Kaymer, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood and Graeme McDowell. America, you are getting owned.

Daily: 21st February 2011

Wrexham 2-7 Gateshead. In your face Wales, North East rules.

Daily: 14th February 2011

Original Ronaldo is retiring. Fantastic striker. Zonal Marking has reminded me to Sky+ the 2002 World Cup Final on ESPN Classic at 2:30pm. I suggest you do the same. Oh, and Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiko <3

Daily: 31st January 2011

I'm watching Sky Sports News all day to see if Jim White actually explodes this time.

Daily: 24th January 2011

I was 4 minutes away from having to wear a paper bag over my head to school tomorrow on Saturday...

Daily: 17th January 2011

Is Luka Modric the best good looking ugly footballer in the world?

Daily: 3rd January 2011

"Aaaaaaand welcome back to the darts game live, here, at the Liiiiiiiiiiiinking Palace, Lundon. And we got a cracker here between two verrry decent playahs, we got Rubens Barrichello, two one up 'ere against a decent Ciaran Clark. And alongside me is Wayne Marple."

Daily: 27th December 2010

Previously on The Daily: Basically Nigel killed the Wicked Driver of the West, met the Wizzard's of Aus who told him where Santa was and SENT JERMAIN DEFOE OFF DESPITE THE FACT IT CLEARLY WASN'T INTENTIONAL AND WASN'T A RED CARD. Oh sorry, the last bit didn't happen, that was Martin Atkinson, I've got over that, honest. Erm, on with the Daily.