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Hey everyone! Lou here to bring you yet another Sunday countdown to the start of the 2011 season. Only 14 weekends left! yaaayy! Just 98 days to go before we get to see that gaggle of cars all line up on the grid in .. erm.. Bahrain.

Anyway, on with the happenings of the present;

  • Speaking of countdowns, have you opened your two digital advent calendars yet? You can find the Sidepodcast Calendar here and your very own Giggles calendar here.  (Remember to look out for a Giggles Radio special today!)
  • We have a brand new Sidepodchat to listen to, it’s only 10 minutes long, but it’s another great episode to add to the growing collection.
  • Also in Sidepodcast news Rolandos has published his season review. It’s a great read, you can check it out here.If you have any season reviews of your own it’s really not too late to send them in to Christine by the way!
  • Oh and look out for a great season review from Naoise of ManipeF1. I can’t wait to find out about how the season was for him!
  • As a final piece of F1 news (you can really tell it’s the off season this weekend!) Holly joined Twitter this week! Yaaaay! Finally all of the 5livef1 team are on twitter.

Apologies for the lack of interesting links and chat in my daily today, I’ve had a somewhat busy evening, however I’m going to leave you all with two pretty awesome videos.

Podcast of the Week

This week’s look back at little of Sidepodhistory is a review of their second stay with the lovely Honda F1 team at the 2008 British Grand Prix. The Sidepodspecials are such a favourite of mine, and particularly the grand prix ones, as until this year they were my only taste for what an F1 weekend can be like. It’s a great show and well worth a listen or two.

Episode 69: what a difference a brawn makes

Sidepodcast audio preview

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