Daily: 27th September 2011

I know my place. Have a great Tuesday.

Daily: 19th September 2011

Let's start the week with a bang. Formula 1 is Singapore bound, as the travelling carnival prepares for the sport's solo night race. Despite being a relative newcomer to the F1 season, this is already one of my favourite events. This year, organisers have lined up Shakira, Linkin Park and Shaggy concerts throughout the weekend.

Daily: 13th September 2011

Welcome to a daily post with a difference. You see, the rather wonderful Mrs Christine has spent the past four days being beyond fabulous in so many ways I thought I ought highlight some of her efforts, lest they pass unnoticed.

Daily: 6th September 2011

Tuesday is barely a few hours old and is already looking unusual. I don't recall my last daily post for this site, but it must have been a while ago. To further compound my confusion, I've borrowed Christine's MacBook to write this on, as mine is somewhat tied up rendering new and interesting things.

Glastonbury Festival 2011

Since the 1970's Worthy Farm in Somerset has played host to some of the biggest names in contemporary music. This weekend it will do it all over again as Glastonbury Festival kicks off the UK festival season in style. Beyonce, Coldplay and U2 are this year's headliners, all set to play in front of a sell out 137,000 fans.

Daily: 28th April 2011

Google updated their Chrome web browser on Wednesday including a long awaited feature (by myself at least) that converts the spoken word into text. This one fantastic feature might just revolutionise the conversation on Sidepodcast. Maybe.

Daily: 6th February 2011

The Bathurst 12 Hours is underway, the Premier League witnessed a gluttony of goals and Formula 1 prepares for more testing - this time in Jerez.

Daily: 30th January 2011

Formula 1 personnel began arriving in Valencia yesterday, the 24 Hours of Daytona races on in darkness and Crofty saves the day with his iPhone. it must be time for another Sidepodcast Daily.

Daily: 16th January 2011

It's Sunday, and time for a super-sub daily post to cover for an unwell Lou. I shouldn't be writing this really, there's much behind-the-scenes work to be done during what little F1 pre-season remains (just 56 days at the time of writing).

Daily: 7th December 2010

Today's daily post is a post with a minor difference. This very lovely Amanda is away today, so we promised via the comments to organise a super-sub stand in... and then we all forgot. If only we had some form of handy Twitter bot to do all our remembering for us.

Daily: 6th November 2010

It seems fitting that today I get to write today's daily post. Sidepodcast has for the past two weeks been barrelling us along just like it used to, we're again riding the F1 roller-coaster despite our best efforts to keep things under control. It's all good though, there's roughly ten days to go before we get to take almost 100 days off. Bring it on F1, give us a week to remember.

Daily: 12th September 2010

I've missed my deadline for a midnight daily post publication once again. That's okay though because SidepodTime is elastic and it's Sidepodcast's fault for drawing me into an interesting debate in the comments and delaying me anyhow.

Daily: 7th September 2010

I seem to be on an extended F1 summer holiday at the moment. I didn't get as much done during the allocated shutdown as I'd hoped and thus have quietly continued as if the racing is yet to resume. Damn inconvenient of the FIA to have scheduled Spa and Monza before I was ready.

Daily: 25th August 2010

Not sure how I'll top supersub Alex's daily post from yesterday, but I shall try my best. Before I begin though, it should be said that inebriated blogging is rarely recommended and I hold Lou responsible for scheduling my daily duty on the eve of a Sidepodmeetup.

Daily: 11th August 2010

Somehow I've managed to get myself nominated for daily duties, a task I've avoided for quite some period. I'm not a natural writer and can easily spend several hours on the most benign post, thus today I've set myself a challenge of writing this content in exactly 30 minutes. How it reads after that period is how it shall be, the current time here is 23:30 (GMT+1).

Wimbledon 2010: Day 12

Whilst in something of a grumpy mood yesterday, I hit upon the idea of Speed Sporting. In short, it's a means to make sport entertaining for people with busy lives. Admittedly, not many people approved of the idea of shortening an F1 race to two laps, or a football match to just penalties, but I shall not be deterred.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 20

Is this competition still going? After a two day break from football, I'd given up and moved on with my life. Much like a 19 race Grand Prix calendar, this World Cup is beginning to outstay its welcome by an event or three.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 19

It's another day of world cup action, and my time for writing one more football related post has arrived earlier than expected. It cannot be that fans interest has waned since England were dumped out of the competition can it? Still, less of England means we'll see a better class of football, but before we talk about that, let us discuss typography.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 15

Yesterday, reigning World Cup champions Italy, were unceremoniously dumped out of this year's competition. Defeated 3-2 by Slovakia, in what must be considered the match of the tournament thus far. There were tears and everything.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 9

The World Cup has thus far treated fans to a fantastic spectacle, with great drama, breathtaking goals, beautiful typography and some unexpected results. Wait a second, beautiful typography? Why yes indeed.