2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 2

As the 2010 World Cup enters its second day of exciting pitch action, we're busy swatting up on the rules and regulations surrounding that mysterious game, known simply as football.

Daily: 27th May 2010

Today is a daily with a difference, as regular writer James is unwell and Christine managed to forget to cover. Predictably this won't be the most punctual of posts, although I do have a genuinely good excuse for once.

Daily: 15th March 2010

Monday, and the day after the day before. F1 is back in business and we've ticked one event off of the 19 race calendar already. It will be a further 11 days before cars take to the track again. It looks like we have some time to kill.

Daily: 14th February 2010

Today is Saint Valentine's Day, which is traditionally a time for celebrating love and stuff. As the Sidepodcast Post is well into its second year, it means last years random act of kindness has come back to haunt me in the shape of "an annual tradition". So here I am writing another one.

Daily: 30th January 2010

Today is Saturday, the penultimate day of January and the start of the weekend. Most importantly this means we can sleep. Both halves of Sidepodcast are officially under the weather today, and the lovely Christine is suffering the most.

Apple to unveil new product today, we'll take three please

Late on Wednesday, the entire of the technology world will be looking in the direction of San Francisco, where Apple are holding a media event to launch a new product. The sensible money says it will be a tablet shaped product.

Daily: 29th November 2009

It's been a very long time since I was left in charge of covering daily duties, I was beginning to worry Christine no longer had faith in me. I shall not let the good ship Daily Post down though, despite very little happening in the F1 world.

Daily: 20th June 2009

If you missed the events of yesterday, you'll be needing to look at this photograph. Hand on heart, Rob Smedley is every bit as fantastic in person as he appears on the TV/Radio and Sidepodcast loves him to pieces.

Daily: 6th May 2009

The other half of Sidepodcast has now been taken out by whatever made me unwell last weekend, so the daily post once again falls on my watch. Luckily I am useful enough to be able to type, unfortunately covering the day's F1 news with brevity and panache isn't my thing, so the F1 Minute podcast is having a bit of a rest right now.

Daily: 12th April 2009

I've had a scout around for Formula 1 news this afternoon, and there isn't any. None at all. Which makes me mighty glad I'm not a news agency promising to deliver between 10 and 20 original F1 stories a day. If I'd have been dumb enough to suggest that, I might be forced to make something up.

Daily: 11th April 2009

It's been a while, but in the absence of one half of Sidepodcast, it falls to me to provide the daily post this fine Saturday morning. There hasn't been a huge amount happening in the F1 world, and after the first batch of flyaway races, this can only be a good thing.

Daily: 16th March 2009

We made it through the weekend with flying colours. Well maybe not flying colours, but it is Monday and this week we're likely going to hit some kind of podcast producing record. Watch out for the return of Sidpodpanel, the penultimate F1 Debrief before racing begins in anger, and the chat we had with Joe on Sunday. Christine has more season preview F1 Digest episodes in the works, and that's before we do the whole live thing again next Sunday.

Daily: 14th February 2009

As pointed out by Flibster in the comments, it's some kind of special day today. The rest of the world is busy declaring their feelings for one another, so we intend to join in the fun with some Sidepodlove. Rather conveniently as it turns out, F1 is full of the stuff at the moment.

Daily: 2nd February 2009

Okay, so where did the weekend go? It's Monday already and yet we're no further on down our to-do list. It looks like the next twenty-something hours are going to be dominated by the very British subject of the weather.

Daily: 24th January 2009

We haven't had a lot to say in terms of posts the past few days, but that's because the most interesting things are happening in the comments. Here's a quick round up of everything you've missed out on if you've not been keeping up...

Daily: 12th January 2009

The weekend clearly took more out of us than we were expecting as the scheduled Debrief show was bumped to next week, in place of a special podcast from the karting. However, the weekend is behind us and we move on to a week of news, starting with the Ferrari launch.

Daily: 7th January 2009

Yesterday was bit a exciting, all things considered. Early on in the day Scott noticed Christine's recent diary entry was featured on YouTube's homepage, and then we finally had some actual Honda news to content with. Ross Brawn broke the silence by clarifying some key points about the teams future and confirmed initial talks have begun with Ferrari.

Daily: 5th January 2009

It's the first proper Monday back at work for F1 teams following the holiday period, so if nothing else, we're expecting some actual news worthy of discussion today. Are the rumours true, and will Honda staff learn any more about their long term future in this sport?

Daily: 3rd January 2009

Ah yes, your friendly daily post from Sidepodcast. I've no idea what's going on in the F1 world at present, but thankfully Christine does. According to F1 Minute, newsworthy topics include Paul di Resta and Michael Schumacher.

Daily: 11th December 2008

So remind me, how does this work again? We're down one Sidepodmember today, as the girl picked up a bit of a cold after experiencing fresh air recently - it's a dangerous world out there people, be warned.