Daily: 3rd December 2008

So there I am minding my own business, busily tweaking the cantankerous Eee PC only to discover there's discontent in the comments because madam's forgotten to write a post again. It just so happens there is a December the 3rd this year, and here's a post to prove it.

Daily: 25th November 2008

So here's a unique problem. A very tired Christine went to bed early this evening and she doesn't appear to have written a daily post. The stroke of midnight just passed and I patiently waited for the Sidepodcast Updates system to inform me there's new stuff to read, yet nothing happened. No post, no ping, no nothing.

Daily: 15th November 2008

We're heading into our final weekend before seeing the cars back in action again during Barcelona testing, so there's just a couple of days of speculation left before we see who's doing what and how they're looking. One of the main news stories that hit the headlines late yesterday was all about Bernie and his possible split.