Daily: 28th September 2011

Hey guys. Hope you have been well. I watched the race late on Sunday as I had been to a friend’s house to watch the cycling… we even got on TV :) Oh, and a McLaren won the race ;) Apparently the F1 race was quite boring but I enjoyed it.

Daily: 21st September 2011

Hey there folks! Hope you are having a great week. I have been busy, and Copenhagen is pretty quiet right now because they have closed off all the roads in the city centre to hold some sort of bike race – I went out to see it yesterday but it was a bit meh. A police bike, a cyclist and then a station wagon barking orders at the cyclist. Then nothing for a while, then repeat! But on Sunday I will visit a friend’s house to watch the proper part of the cycle race. Also this weekend I am going to a Kiwi pub to watch the All Blacks play France and go to a friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. So much to look forward to!

Daily: 14th September 2011

Hi there. Hope you are well. Got some links for you today!

Daily: 7th September 2011

Hello New Daily! How are you all? Since last time I wrote, I went for a run, which made me a bit tired so I had a restful weekend. I did go to Tivoli Gardens though. Then on Monday, I went for a family day out with work to the Zoo, which was lots of fun and we saw Lion cubs! We then had a lovely dinner and then went home. We got quite lucky too because we’ve had a awful lot of rain lately! Some links? OK then…

Daily: 31st August 2011

Hi Wednesday! Hope you are all well!

Daily: 24th August 2011

Right, so F1’s back on this week and the teams are heading to Spa as we speak. Check out the Tweets of the Week and Christine’s Driver and Team Rankings to see what else they have been up to. Also, listen to the Debrief if you haven’t already!

Daily: 17th August 2011

Hey guys, how has your week been so far? Are you enjoying the F1 ‘summer holiday’? If you are missing your fix of F1 action, I may have some links to help tide you over…

Daily: 6th July 2011

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? There’s not too much F1 news out there as the teams are busy preparing for Silverstone, but here are some links you might enjoy...

Daily: 29th June 2011

Well hello there. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I’ve been rather busy, what with a big project at work and all. Managed to fit in writing a post for you all though ;)

Daily: 22nd June 2011

Morning everyone! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, did you sleep well last night? Because it was the longest day of the year.

Daily: 15th June 2011

Hello everyone. I hope you are all over your motorsport-related hangovers? I was knackered today so I decided to go for a run in order to reset the body clock a bit.

Daily: 1st June 2011

This pic is a lovely sunset from our balcony last night. Here's another smorgasbord of links to get you through hump day. Enjoy!

Daily: 25th May 2011

Hey guys – hope your week is going well. Happy birthday yesterday to Ivan Capelli and while we are on that subject, Congratulations to Sidepodcast for reaching ONE MILLION COMMENTS! That is an awesome achievement!

Daily: 18th May 2011

Hi there! Hope your week is going well? Mine is fine, thank you. I do hope you are looking forward to the Spanish Grand Prix? It won't be boring this time - honest!!!

Daily: 11th May 2011

Hey guys, after subbing in yesterday it’s time for my proper Daily today. And how are we all? Have you ever felt like writing a Daily Post for Sidepodcast? You have? Well you are in luck, because some spaces have opened up. Why not check out this post, which should tell you all that you need to know…

Daily: 4th May 2011

Hello all! It’s Wednesday again! Hope your week is going well… I am incredibly busy but at least I’m not bored ;) DID YOU KNOW: Emus cannot walk backwards? Neither did I!

Daily: 27th April 2011

Well hello dear Sidepodders! Did you have a great Easter? I sure did ;) Sounds like the weather was good in a lot of places and people really took advantage of it.