Hello once again to one and all as we begin another Friday together with that oh so lovely weekend approaching. This weekend is a Formula 1 weekend of course at the excellent Suzuka circuit in Japan so as always we have the pleasure of Free Practise 1 and 2 at the not so friendly time of 0200 and 0600 BST so it's back to getting up at silly o'clock for the sport we all love today! Of course there is the always awesome Race Information thread here at Sidepodcast to help out. So, what else is there worth discussing today then?

Paddock News

Teflonso Sticks To His Guns - So it seems that Ferrari's new best buddy Fernando Alonso has declared who he thinks is strongest to win this years championship at the moment - himself. I think the beard is causing an overload of arrogance right there but you can't fault the guy for expressing what he thinks. Of course, it's even better if Ferrari get their championship hope Michael Schu-Fernando Alonso every bit of help he can get from Rubens Bar-Felipe Massa to assist him in his championship battle. Poor Felipe Baby... what is it with Brazilians and Ferrari? You also get a bit of Webber and smily Vettel in that article too so it's a bit of everything.

I Can't Hear You Over The Sound of all this Cheating - Rejoice F1 fans as Flavio Briatore has returned to the media scrum of F1 news with his opinion that Mark Webber should be the favoured driver at Red Bull right now. Not that Flav ever managed Webber or anything before. even more disturbingly and grostesque, I find myself agreeing with Tacky Man in regards to Webber's performances this year even with a few low bits along the way. Although i've always liked Webber I do hope he goes onto win this year's championship. Also, this guy thinks that Flavio should shut up. you could just say that line and I would think he makes a good point.

If Anything Happens to My Rubens... - It would seem that lovely Rubens is a little concered about safety standards at Suzuka these days, which is understandable. Not that i'm biased, of course. At least he still regards it as one of his favourite circuits on the calendar which is good though, even if last year's race sucked a lot. Renault driver Robert Kubica agreed with Rubens so he's good in my book. I like that we still have old fashioned circuits like Spa and Suzuka though, of course. Proper circuits. Also, Kubica is sorry that he isn't gonna get Kimi as a team mate next season too. Ah well.


Taco Bob Bell - Our resident Super Sauber fan RG has had a quick look at the future of Sauber with their recent addition to the team of rookie cookie Sergio Perez from 2011 and the backing he can bring. I know very little about Perez except for the fact he nearly beat a Pastie for the GP2 championship this year but at least Sauber are keeping Kobayashi, what a dude. I wish Sauber would bring back their awesome old livery though. White and a colour is so last year.

About Our Guest Speaker at School Today... - Yaarggh, me hearties! How cool ye be this, ye scurvy dogs?! And whatnot. Johnny Depp randomly going into a school nearby to where he was filming the new Pirates of the Carribean film (7 or 8 I think we're on now) and surprising a load of kids and one very lucky little girl. Very cool gesture from the Hollywood legend as well as the fact he is totally kitted out in character! I wish Johnny Depp would come into work and read me a letter sometimes too. Urm, I mean, I wish Captain Jack would do that! yeah! Coz' he's awesome! ahem.

And Now For Something Slightly Different

Flat for Sale: Preferably Sold to Stuart Little - I bet you've always wanted to move to Rome, right? Such a cultural, historic city with much heritage and prestige. Well now there is a perfect flat available for you if you're looking for a 5 square feet flat to live in. Yep, you heard me. It's the world's smallest apartment! Now there's a record. Well I suppose its not made of cardboard and prone to dampness. I hope it has a garage. You could live in that and park in the apartment.

This Week's Daily Listen - I'm not really fussed about choosing soundtracks as listening material when writing up my Daily but I'm so loved up with Scott Pilgrim vs The World that I can't stop listening to this fantastic soundtrack right now. I very much recommend Black Sheep by Metric and Ramona by Beck, both really top notch songs on a collection of awesomeness. I also wrote up my feelings for the film last night and how much I simply adore it, you really must check it out.

That's that for another week. I hope you enjoyed it and have a good day, I may not join you for practise because I do love my sleep but maybe I shall change my mind. Also, keep an eye on Sidepodcast for the latest Aside with Joe that should be around today, woohoo! Have a great day and I'll see you in the comments.

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