Hello again, Pat here and it is my turn to write this Thursday's Daily, a weekday so devious the work has to be shared between Alex and myself just so it doesn't take its toll on us, although as I said last time I tend to find Wednesdays harder for some reason.

Moving on, I have some really fantastic links for you today, you really ought to have a look at these, even if I do say so myself.

One thing I'm really into is music and I know others here are too, from Giggles Radio, from previous comments discussions and from past Dailies. I'd like to use my Dailies to join in by sharing some music I like and which I hope you will like too. Last night I went to a fantastic gig at the Orange Box in Yeovil, an up and coming local venue (well sort of local.. 45 mins drive away) which at long last is bringing proper live music to the area, and by 'proper' I mean 'stuff I like' not the rubbish tribute or covers bands we usually get (disclaimer: the covers band at the wedding I attended on Saturday was superb). So anyway I want to share a couple of things, you might have heard of them or you may not. Both bands appear on a label called Big Scary Monsters.

  • The headliner was Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. (If you're a fan of Super Mario World I'm sure you'll instantly love that name). It is a project by a guy called Sam Duckworth and he's moderately successful and has been on the radio and everything. I like Whitewash Is Brainwash released in 2006, Keep Singing Out from the 2nd album and Collapsing Cities on the album released last month. I haven't actually bought any of them yet, I'll be doing that tonight after work. You can find them all on iTunes and the first is on Spotify.
  • The support band was Tellison. I've loved this band since my sister's boyfriend told me about them a couple of years ago and they are now touring with new songs. They were great last night, I like those new songs and "Gallery" was as fantastic as always. On Tuesday night I wrote a blog post highlighting their previous work, two songs from the 2007 album and a standalone single from a year later. I really hope you like this band, or at least give these songs a try just once with an open mind. At first listen they sound like your average 'indie' band but wait for the catchy hook (there's one in practically every song).
  • If that's not enough, be sure to check out Amanda's recommendation in Tuesday's Daily for something more electronic, I have every intention of buying that too.
  • Finally, don't be shy to suggest anything you like. We all have different tastes.

So that's some listening sorted out, how about some reading? There are some fantastic pieces of writing out there waiting for you.

  • Firstly here on Sidepodcast, Amy has recounted her trip to the Monza paddock as a guest of Virgin Racing, I haven't had a proper read just yet as I've saving it for when I have more time, but it looks like proof positive that the new teams - or at least some of them - are a valued addition to the sport with their generosity and fan access.
  • Leigh at the F1 & Motorsport Archive has secured a massive scoop with Amy's favourite driver, a Q&A session with Heikki Kovalainen. Leigh has posted some excellent Q&As already this year and Heikki is by far the highest profile yet, really well done!
  • VivaF1 have posted their Grand Prix View digital magazine for Japan. Again I'll be reading this one this evening as I've run out of time, if you've not caught one of these issues yet it is always a good read and worth investing a little time - and it is completely free. Leigh crops up again in his regular features slot with a piece on the designer of the track, while Maverick has an article on Kamui Kobayashi.
  • And of course, don't forget Sidepodcast's own Race Information post with all the session times and weather forecasts you'll need for this weekend.

I love it when through pure coincidence the links are connected together by a common thread.

If that's not enough goodness to get you through a Thursday malaise, nothing ever will! And it can't be a bad day today, it is Jake Humphrey's 32nd birthday.

Take it easy, see you later.

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