Six Nations - France vs Ireland

This is the second weekend of the tournament which pitches England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy against each other. The atmosphere in the Stade de France always looks and sounds amazing for these games in Paris and an evening match should be no worse off for it. Ireland lost to Wales last week and will be out to prove themselves; France are usually the stronger side but last week although they won they seemed slow at first against an Italian team which is often the weakest of the six - have the Italians got better or did the French have a bad day?

Daily: 11th August 2011

Hi, and welcome to Thursday. Today we learn about the popularity of words, see pictures of a Martian landscape, delve into the history of the Apollo missions, find out if my car passed its MOT, and take a look at this week's racing schedule - and all that in under 325 words!

Daily: 28th July 2011

Hello. The big news on the site at the moment is the ongoing discussion about the future of Daily posts. Do check out Allan McNish's article on FIA Stewarding, and Joe Saward's piece on fluff news at this time of year. I hate the log flume.

Daily: 14th July 2011

Hello everyone, and a happy Bastille Day if you happen to be French (or particularly revolutionary). A very good excuse for wine, cheese, croissants, or pain au chocolat as Amy did.

Daily: 16th June 2011

Do join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Christine! I'm sure the ideal birthday present would be to install a Kindle app of some kind and buy her new book.

Daily: 2nd June 2011

Space, racing and music. What more do you need? It's a Thursday, take it easy.

Daily: 19th May 2011

Hello everyone, Thursday is upon us once more which means we've broken the back of the week, it is nearly race weekend!

Daily: 5th May 2011

Hello, welcome to Thursday. Nearly there. Just one more day until F1 track action and two days until many of us get to see some of it. Not long now. The break is nearly over. Lots more racing this weekend too, there's a list in here and everything!

Daily: 21st April 2011

We have a nice break this weekend, for many of us it is a four-day weekend for Easter with Good Friday tomorrow and a holiday on Monday too (with due apologies to those working in retail or in places around the world without time off). And with the extra holiday next Friday for the Royal Wedding we get two long weekends in a row - bonus! Most forms of racing are taking a break too, meaning we can have a nice little rest to recover after the opening salvos in all the major series. How will you spend yours?

Daily: 7th April 2011

Two weeks is the ideal time gap between Grands Prix isn't it? Not so close as to run over the top of the last race and overwhelm us, yet just long enough that by this 2nd Thursday of the cycle you are desperate for another F1 race. I'm all for watching as much racing as possible because there's no reason to keep F1 as the be-all and end-all of racing, but there's nothing quite like an F1 race to satisfy the bug we all have. Still, it is an early race for us Europeans so what else is happening, what more can be watched?

Daily: 24th March 2011

Apologies for the late Daily, I was trying to sort out a card and some presents for my sister but neither Moonpig nor Amazon wanted to accept my order straight away, I had set up accounts and verify addresses and all sorts. So... who's ready for some open-wheel racing? I am! Formula 1 is back. IndyCar is back.

Daily: 10th March 2011

Hello everyone. Today I have a few bits of F1 and IndyCar news, some podcast links, and a few bits of music to check out.

Daily: 24th February 2011

Hello Thursday, you've come around quickly! Let's see what's happening.. Tonight we will hopefully see a shuttle launch, as Discovery will be lifting off at 9.50pm GMT to fly to the International Space Station. Sadly this is Discovery's final flight, at the completion of this mission it is scheduled to be retired. You don't want to miss the final launch, especially as there are a limited number of flights for the rest of the shuttle fleet.

Daily: 10th February 2011

Hello and welcome to Thursday. I am having a relaxing evening and nearly forgot it was my turn. I've got the red wine out and the Sigur Rós playing thanks to Lukeh's post about music videos. So.. what's been going on?

Daily: 27th January 2011

Hello. How are you? In this Daily we talk of Paul di Resta, Nico Rosberg's new style, UK TV coverage of American racing, mention the GBS Blogathon and share a few songs you might be interested in.

Daily: 13th January 2011

Hello there, happy Thursday. So my wardrobe, it finally arrived after a month's delay! I'm very happy because I put it together tonight (hence why I'm a bit late writing this) and for the first time since September I have a tidy bedroom - it feels so much calmer and less chaotic now. I'm a firm believer that even if the rest of the house is an utter tip, the bedroom must be tidy because that is your place of rest, your sanctuary even. A big 'get well soon' to all those suffering colds and 'flu and anything else. doo do do do do do baah

Daily: 10th January 2011

Hello, and as this is my first Daily of 2011, Happy New Year! Your regular Monday-writer RG has been busy revising for an exam - good luck RG! - and I've stepped in as we seem to be missing a stand-in post. I feel I owe a post anyway after forgetting one myself a couple of weeks ago. :) The 3rd Bloggers' Swap Shop is coming up soon, check out the pairings at VivaF1 which has recently had a really nice facelift. I'll be writing for Leigh and hosting words written by Gavin and Adie and there are also some new faces on the list, which is great to see - I'm really looking forward to it! Posts will appear on the weekend of January 21st.