Daily: 16th December 2010

Hiya. I seem to be having a week of Thursdays at the moment, it isn't going well, though I do like to think I get them out of the way in one go so that I can then have a nice long run of good Thursdays! I hope yours will be good. I like to use my Dailies as a little diary of what I've been up to since last time we met here, but you've caught me just when I'm feeling a bit pressured from work and other things. I've so much I want to get done especially with blog posts and associated projects, I'd made big plans for it this winter and haven't been able to touch it really what with moving and everything, most frustrating. After a hard day at work it is far more enjoyable to fall into the comments or Twitter and just hang out for a while! Absolutely nothing wrong in that of course.

Daily: 2nd December 2010

Can you believe it is December already? Incredible. I blame Bernie Ecclestone. Here in the UK we've had a great dusting of snow all across the country resulting in all sorts of travel disruption - everywhere except my part of the country, that is. We're missing out! If it has to be this cold it could at least have the good grace to snow properly.

Daily: 18th November 2010

Today is Thursday which often means it will be a bad day, but it isn't any Thursday because this is the 18th of November which makes it my sister's birthday, so Happy 14th Birthday Celine even though you have no idea this post exists. I therefore choose to believe today is a good day.

Daily: 14th November 2010

Hello everyone. Surprise. I'm filling in for Lou as she so graciously stood in for me last week while I moved house, so thanks Lou! I'm all settled in now, save for living among several unpacked boxes and having nowhere to hang my shirts and things. Did you know it takes 21 days to deliver the wardrobe I want? There was I thinking I could go and just buy one. Technically I could but who has a brown wardrobe when everything else in the room is black? My living room has brown furniture and who has a wardrobe in their living room? Anyway. Race day!

Daily: 21st October 2010

Hello everyone. I'd written 1060 words about Korea, VivaF1's quiz, links to this and that. But I hit publish just as MediaTemple failed so it was all lost, so you'll have to make do with this short version as it is now well after 2am and I should've been in bed over an hour ago. Mr C says do not use this shower of a hosting company.

Daily: 7th October 2010

Hello again, Pat here and it is my turn to write this Thursday's Daily, a weekday so devious the work has to be shared between Alex and myself just so it doesn't take its toll on us, although as I said last time I tend to find Wednesdays harder for some reason.

Daily: 16th September 2010

Hello, Pat here and I'll be your Daily-writer for today, and perhaps every other Thursday? Who knows, we'll see how this goes.

Daily: 20th July 2010

Hiya, me again. Marilene is busy having a new internet connection installed as part of a deal that comes with sports on cable, a wise choice if I may say so, and as supersub I'm filling in although I can't promise quite so many bulletpoints.

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 14

Wasn't yesterday tense? It was for me, I was following the earlier games in the office via the comments and live blogs. Not a lot of work got done! No doubt the same pattern will be repeated in offices elsewhere in the world today among those who couldn't get time off, or simply didn't plan ahead and ask (oops).

Daily: 23rd June 2010

Hello, Pat here. You may have seen me from such guest posts as the Indy 500 preview or the Le Mans preview, or the one with the rhino (not to mention my own blogs). I'm sorry to say your regularly-scheduled Wednesday Daily Provider is ill - get well soon Gavin! Put your feet up and watch the footie (I hope your boss doesn't think that's why you're off..).

Keep on running

Hello, Pat here from toomuchracing.com. If you follow my blog, tweets or my comments here at Sidepodcast, you'll know I am interested in all manner of different forms of motorsport in addition to Formula 1. Not all of it matches up to F1's standards, yet much of it is still enjoyable and I'm convinced fans of one form of racing will like some other forms of racing.