Hello! Welcome to Saturday and the second Australia day daily.......day......daily.....post.

We see many wonderful, interesting and informative things on Sidepodcast. This probably won't be one of them. This is, however, my very first post (if it passes editing). You would think after two years it would have happened earlier. If you are reading this you will now know that anyone can post up on SPC. Go on, write something wonderful for us!

There are a number of things to keep us entertained over this weekend. The Japanese F1 GP moves to qualifying today. Hopefully young Lewis can keep the car on the road today and out of the Degner fence (that really sounds like something from Star Wars). You can see the results from Friday practice one and practice two on the blog, and catch up with the live comments if you missed them. I hope last weekend's Indy Car effort by Will Power is not an omen for our Mark Webber. This weekend could be a make-or-break race. The Red Bull cars are looking dangerous.

If you have nothing to do all night (or day) waiting for the GP on Sunday, have I got a deal for you. The annual Australian drinking competition touring car race, the Bathurst 1000 is on. The Mt Panorama track at Bathurst is our version on Spa, the race is always fun to watch, and is my very first memory of motor racing. I remember, as a 5 year old, sitting in front of the old (B&W) telly with my brother to watch cars racing each other for 6 hours. I was hooked, and have hardly missed a lap of that race since. I drove the track a few years ago - its quite scary, that drop off the hill is steeper than it looks. No, that's not my video although if it was, I may have chosen a Roxette soundtrack as well. Being at the race is scarier still. Especially when you think the police limit consumption to 24 cans or bottles of beer per person per day. What are you meant to drink in the afternoon?

There was a little chat about the Commonwealth Games yesterday, but I haven't seen much in the dailies. Maybe that's because of the medal tally. I'm not sure what the problem is, we let two other people win a gold at the cycling. There are lots more wonderful sports to watch over the weekend, Netball, Lawn Bowls, Synchronised Swimming and Greco-Roman wrestling to name but a few. I can't imagine why the stands are not full.

Finally, and seriously, the most important race of the weekend happens today. If you don't know already, you can read all about it here. I'm not sure if there will be live streaming but hopefully we will hear details leaking out from somewhere. Don't forget to show your support, it's for a great cause. I really am impressed with what our lovely host has done as well. It's not easy to go from the couch to a real race. Go Christine! Baby!

Phew! Writing a daily has given me a new appreciation for those who do it every week. Thanks everyone, sorry it took so long for my turn. And I have almost written that post about track days. Really. See you in the comments.

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