Welcome to Saturday. Let's have a song from Cold Chisel called (appropriately) Saturday Night.

It is performed here by my favourite member of the band (from the 70s/80s), Ian Moss. Feel free to watch other youtube clips of the song, performed by the whole band, in the days when drinking a bottle of vodka on stage was acceptable.

I'd like to send a shout out to my friend Zac who is getting married this afternoon at HMAS Watson. I'm sure Zoe and I will have a fantastic time. We hope that at some point in the near future, you enjoy cooking us a lamb roast in the Scanpan roasting pan with rack that we have chosen for you from your very clever mygiftregistry.com.au.

I wonder if Apple would consider having a gift registry as part of the new Mac App store? :P For those Mac users that haven't updated to Mac OS X 10.6.6, what are you waiting for? There's free stuff in the store!

There are some gripes in Australia about the price of Apps compared to the USA store when our dollar is at parity with the greenback. While it doesn't account for all of the difference, don't forget that the advertised USA prices don't include any tax!

I buy my iTunes credit (which can be used in the new Mac App store) whenever it is on sale. itunesonsale.com.au is the place to go to find out where the bargains are. Do other countries have similar sites and similar discounts?

Do you currently reside in the Asia Pacific region? Do you have a spare hour on a Friday night or Saturday morning to write a daily post once every couple of weeks? Or even just a one off? Please volunteer yourselves in the comments :)

I hope you are all thinking about your work/hobby/life balance and making changes if you are unhappy. My new tagline for motor racing enthusiasts is:

Don't burn out, do burnouts! (as in smoke up the tyres - sometimes known as wheelies by people like my mum. Hi mum!)

Go Lewis. Happy Birthday for yesterday. After recent comments, I think your Friday fun song is 99 Problems by JayZ (this is not short for Jeremy and Zoe).

See you in the comments!

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