Sorry I’m a little obsessed by this song at the moment. Anyway, welcome to ‘Smiley Sunday’ yes that’s right another day of smiles please, there is nothing better than happy comments. Why don’t you all tell us what has made you smile today?

I’ll go first - We now only have 61 days until Bahrain FP1, that’s just 8 short weekends without F1! Yipeee!

Speaking of F1, we’re now out of the silent/ holiday part of the off season and news agencies and journalists are starting to type out many lovely stories to keep us all ticking over until testing starts. Joe has been busy, and recently linked to a great video of F1 on ice, how cool!

Red Bull have denied that they overspent last year braking the resource restriction agreement. Read more here.

Christine has taken a look back at the early days of one very ugly car.

Moving onto one of my favourite subjects at the moment, space. I’ve been looking around the internet for space inspired photographs and found some beautiful sky scenes,

and some rather amazing twitpics from space. While looking for space photos I also found some lovely timelapse videos which are worth checking out too.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a look at Kai’s lovely snow photos she took yesterday.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day today and at least one small thing has brought a smile to your face, lurkers, commenters and hosts of this wonderful site I hope you all have a brilliant smiley Sunday.

Podcast of the week

This week I thought it would be nice to listen back to something that made us all laugh, something that brings back amazing memories, that’s right, Sidepodradio. However I understand that Sidepodradio produced a lot of audio, 12 hours in fact. Therefore I have decided to pick out one of my favourite shows that were released as a result.

Sidepodradio (part 18) – Whose Start Line Is It Anyway?

Sidepodcast audio preview

See you in the comments!

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