Helloooooo!! It's a big fresh new year for us all to enjoy and my first daily of 2011, how exciting. I hope you all have had a good New Years celebration and have all duly recovered by this point, but what with everyone returning back to work and whatnot we're all wanting to be positive around these parts and so the positivity shall continue today, hurrah! After all it is Friday and the weekend is nearly here already. In fact did you know today is Lewis Hamilton's birthday? A big happy birthday to him, although with all things in the world he has I bet he doesn't have a pack of Chewits so someone should buy him some for his birthday. Now, onwards with the Daily!

Paddock News

Who's on last? No, Narain probably is - In what can only be described as sheer what the heck news of the off season so far, Narain Karthikeyan yesterday announced his confirmation of a HRT drive in 2011. Maybe it is like one of those little Postman Pat machines outside the post office that when you put 20p in it goes for 2 minutes, and that is what Narain is doing at HRT. I find this appointment so unbelievably random but that means there's one seat left at HRT! Who will get it? Luca Badoer? Franck Montagny? Ricardo Rosset? Taka Inoue? Dale Winton? The proper Ant? The other Ant? His mate Dec? WHO KNOWS?! Well we should ask him then. Also, ooooooooops.

Oops, he did it again. Well, he hasn't started winning yet. - It wouldn't be a Nico moment without a poor, poor Britney joke. But our favourite popstar driver is talking up his chances in 2011 by saying he's gonna win races and do awesome this season approaching. What do we reckon, people? Will our Nico finally get his first win or is it going to be the year of Darth taking control of his team and using the force of his Mercedes to make his way to the top?


Getting back to living Life in the fast lane - Huzzah! Huzoo! Whala! Waahee! No, I am not Super Mario in disguise but in fact celebrating the return of the fantastically good fun reading that is Christine's Life in the Fast Lane. If you've never read this series before then first of all shame on you, but now is your chance to get involved with this excellent choose your own adventure style story. In fact, even though Christine has closed voted on this post you can always jump over to the Sidepodcast Wiki and recap on the story so far from the previous two series' of LitFL and find out more about the characters involved. I myself helped out yesterday by creating liveries for Mortimer GP, Shuttleworth Racing and the retro stylings of Pyron GP. Woohoo!

A proper feel good story for you! - I love this story so very much, what a fabulous change the internet can make in a man's life. A few days ago a video popped up on the internet of a homeless man living in America who had a voice that is just incredibly astounding as the link shows. The video gained huge attention online and across the world and now, a few days later, basketball teams, radio stations, football teams and TV Networks have been trying to get this man to join them to make use of his incredible voice. In fact, an American football team have even bought this homeless man a house to live in as well which is just wow. Really touching little story there to kick off 2011.

Swapping and Shopping and Blogging - If you're familiar around these parts you'll know well about the Blog Swap shop, with the huge success it's been around the various F1 blogs within online communities getting even the smallest of blogs a lot more recognition thanks to this fine idea over at Viva F1. It seems the swap shop is coming back again later in January and it's a must read or take part in event if you fancy a challenge and want to write something up or host someone else's writing.

And Finally...

If you have a bad day today, don't let it bring you down. Don't let it bother you, or upset or, or make you feel bad. Just be happy, just let it get off your shoulders and make the most of the last day of the week before another weekend. Oh, and most importantly...

Happy happy Rubens

Credit: Iceman forever/Richard Jonkman

Happy happy Rubens


I'll see you in the comments, lovely people.

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