Daily: 26th February 2011

Welcome to your Australian Saturday Daily. As an Apple fan, the first thing I have to mention is the release of new MacBook Pro models yesterday. There is much excitement about these new models at Sidepodcast headquarters because of the inclusion of a new technology called Thunderbolt. Remarkably similar to Thunderbirds (Are GO!), I am reliably informed that it has also quickly been accepted by non-computery type people here.

Daily: 29th January 2011

Welcome to Saturday. I'm going to open with some rather embarrassing video from early 1980's Australia to celebrate the recent Australia Day public holiday on the 26th of January. It's a great song about Errol Flynn by Australian Crawl, but what is with those haircuts?

Daily: 8th January 2011

Welcome to Saturday. Let's have a song from Cold Chisel called (appropriately) Saturday Night. It is performed here by my favourite member of the band (from the 70s/80s), Ian Moss. Feel free to watch other youtube clips of the song, performed by the whole band, in the days when drinking a bottle of vodka on stage was acceptable.

Daily: 11th December 2010

Nothing says winter like a white Volvo... right? Because I am completely out of the loop, today's daily post will be a thank you to my friend Pete, the owner of the Volvo rally car above. Lucky for me, while competing in motorkhana and khanacross events sometime last century, Pete recognised my lack of driving talents and decided to let me be his navigator in actual rallies.

Daily: 23rd October 2010

The first thing I want to do on this fine Saturday is put that Elton John song in your head. You know the one – Saturday, Saturday etc. Something about fighting... Saturday is the final day of my working week and I have to say that having two Fridays is awesome. Even though the real Friday is my Thursday, all the people around me that work Monday to Friday are in a good mood, so Fridays are good for me too! If you do have to work today, like I do, I urge you to put your smiley face on and make sure all around you do the same.