The Bathurst 12 Hours is underway, the Premier League witnessed a gluttony of goals and Formula 1 prepares for more testing - this time in Jerez.

Introducing your new regular daily writer

I can't say I ever desired my own column, but I appear to have bagged Sunday's as my own for the time being. I also have a very strange sense of deja vu writing this post, as this weekend is panning out an awful lot like last weekend.

There's an endurance race worth watching, F1 is gearing up for some testing and there is yet more football to discuss.

Welcome to Jerez

The first man on any F1 scene would appear to be Williams' IT person, Mark Arnott. Much as he did last week, the techie has shared the first images of his journey to Jerez, where F1 is scheduled to test come the end of the week.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Credit: @Arni_UK / TwitPic

Can you tell what it is yet?

Expect all eyes to be on the debut of McLaren's MP4-26 when things get underway. The recently launched chassis is the talk of the motor racing town, and while I may have managed to sleep through the unveiling in Berlin, Simon managed to catch the momentous occasion. Make sure you have a read of his thoughts - could it really have been the best F1 car launch ever?

Live from Bathurst

The 2011 Armor All Bathurst 12 Hour race kicked off in style yesterday with an early accident that ended with a windshield hanging from a power line. Additionally commentators were worrying about a kangaroo spotted near the circuit while recalling session disruption from last year when a fallen tree caused a safety car. Endurance races appear to be all the rage at the moment, but this is clearly no ordinary event.

Talking of which, Peugeot Sport held a press conference during the week to announce this year's racing programme and the lesser spotted Franck put in an appearance. Alex Wurz stole the show though, making his Twitter debut by tweeting live during proceedings.

Ant and me escaped for a few minutes, just having a refreshment beer :-), well Ant had still water!

alex_wurz's Twitter avataralex_wurz

Don't forget to follow the essential F1 Twitter lists to ensure you don't miss out on more from Alex and Co this year.

A blast from the past

In memory of a much missed Lou (calm down, she's only gone to Germany), it must be time for another podcast from yesteryear.

We followed the rather fantastic Red Bull Crashed Ice series on Saturday evening, and it was a timely reminder about how brilliant Red Bull can really be, when they're not treating Mark Webber like he's something they stepped on. Here then is something of a classic video, Webber plus Gerhard Berger and Tonio Liuzzi taking F1 to the streets of Budapest.

One year ago today

This time last year, it would appear very little was happening in the high-octane world of F1, but here's what we were discussing around the 6th February 2010.

And finally

Did you see the football on Saturday? The Premier League saw a record 40 goals scored in a single day, meaning the evenings highlights show was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it affair. Fantastic ball stuff. Additionally, Christine's new team didn't lose (or win), which was nice.

Don't forget today is Super Bowl Day and we'll be live commenting proceedings on this very site from around 22:00 GMT. If you'll be watching, make sure you join us, if only to point and laugh at the Black Eyed Peas. You are duty bound to do so.

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