Now I am part of Australia too.

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Now I am part of Australia too.

Hello once again lovely people, Lukeh here ready to guide you through Saturday after Pamela needed to swap days due to not being able to write today's Daily. Now I know what you may be thinking - around these parts, Saturday is usually Australian Saturday here in the daily. We get some fabulous dailies from Amy, Pamela, Paul and Jeremy as they swap their duties about but as you can imagine I am not Australian, but rather of the Welsh variety from Wales. I do live in South Wales though, and there is a New South Wales in Australia so it kind of works out. Anyways as you can see I have decided to selotape my area of living to Australia and now I can proudly take part in Australian Saturday. All is well again! Hurrah!

Paddock News

An Unveiling Like Playing with Expensive Lego - Yesterday morning there was a great increase in jaws hitting the floor as F1 fans around the world watched the unveiling of the new McLaren MP4-26 in Berlin in a rather unique and oddly brilliant fashion, albeit it in a very sombre way. Instead of just turning up in a pitlane looking miserable, engineers and competition winners brought pieces of the car to the Vodafone HQ there and engineers put the 2011 car together bit by bit before Lewis and Jenson turned up in terrible new caps. It was very surreal and dragged out but I enjoyed the new take on a launch and encourage more teams to try something new. The car is quite astonishing though, with some really bizarre sidepods and a unique air intake system on the top as well as very complicated front wings and more to come apparently. Fascinating stuff.

I Am Not Going to Make a Jenson Button Pun - Another day and another set of comment from within the paddock relating to the number of buttons on a steering wheel for the drivers now they have to deal with buttons for KERS, wings, the temperature of the mini-fridge, headlights, comedy horn and of course switching between what facial hair they're choosing for that day. However, I am listening to these new comments as Rubens Barrichello has come out and said 'Well it's a bit silly really' to put it simply. However, he doesn't think it's unbearable, just that it's a lot. After all, he had to push a lot of buttons to even get a voice in at Ferrari. Back in my day, a lot of buttons meant going from 2 buttons on a NES controller to a pretty insane three buttons on a Megadrive controller. It's basically the same thing I'm sure for F1 drivers.


I Predict a Riot? No, it's a Race, silly - I'm quickly going to throw this into the Daily as I still want to hear YOUR predictions for the 2011 season in the comments. We did this last year and it was really fun going back at the end of the season to hear how people's predictions turned out so whatever you think is going to happen in the new season, come and join in with the fun in the thread and see other people's thoughts and feelings too!

I'm Sure Egg Is a Very Nice Person - FINALLY!! Yes!! I'm so pleased. Here in the UK the cable channel FX have picked up the rights to show Arrested Development and are throwing it straight into the prime time slot of their channel for everyone to watch. How stupifyingly awesome. Here we have a fabulous interview with Arrested Development's series creator Mitch Hurwitz and GOB Bluth (Will Arnett) talking about the show and how it's come out as this cult success despite never being successful. They also talk about the film being written this year (EEEK!!) and the fact that they are tempted to put a Bollywood-style chicken dance scene into it. KAW KA KAWWW!. Five years on since they made it too now, as an AD fan that blows my mind. And you all ignored it when it was on TV! I guess you could say... You made a huge mistake... ...anyways, FX are showing this wonderful show from 8pm on February 8th. You really have to watch Arrested Development at some point in your life.

And Finally...

I'm going to end this week's daily with something different and quite frankly heart-warming. My dissertation at university that I completed last year studied the use of computing within primary level teaching within both mainstream and special school systems, and in that time I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people who's physical abilities in life were sadly limited by what disabilities they had. The upside of this is that these children were able to adapt to their lives with the help of new technology and new ways of getting through life as if it was no different to those who had no such disabilities, and it made for a really inspiring few months to meet such individuals in my studies and have a hand in seeing just what they can now achieve.

Last night I came across the above video and it genuinely brought back those feelings of inspiration and pride I got from seeing these classes during my studies. In this video Gareth, the gentleman playing Fallout New Vegas in this video, is unable to play his games with the conventional manner of a joypad or a mouse/keyboard due to his disability, instead managing to adjust his gaming experiences to work fully fledged just using his head. Everything you see in that video is being controlled basically by his chin, which is just mindblowng. Fallout is a pretty complex game, it's not just basic Mario Kart accelerate/left and right, and I found it absolutely incredible that he had changed the way to work just so he can play it just like any other gamer who doesn't have any kind of issues restricting their movement. You can find out a bit more about Gareth and what he's done here, as well as other videos such as DiRT2 on his youtube channel showing how he uses such uses of technology. I find it incredible, and I just wanted to share this with you because of how inspired I am from seeing technology having the ability to change people's lives in such heart warming ways.

Anyway, I apologise if I went on a bit but it's one of those stories that just makes me proud of who we all are in this world and how everyone single one of us can achieve whatever we can no matter what holds us back in life. I hope you have a fantastic day, and I'll see you in the comments.

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