Hello there. We are lacking a daily and I have pieced together the mystery of why. There was some internet connectivity issues between RG and Sidepodcast last night, which immediately places the blame at MediaTemple's door, no matter who is really at fault. RG tweeted Mr C, who was so busy watching the Superbowl, that he forgot to do anything about it.

Et voilà! I am filling in with a super-duper daily today.

The other big news from yesterday, aside from a fabulous Superbowl game and an epic amount of bad singing, was Kubica's big crash. We've been following his progress with a dedicated thread, trying to stick to the facts, rather than some of the wild and pretty worrying speculation that ripped through Twitter yesterday. I mean worrying in terms of the people behind the speculation, as well as some of the predictions that were popping up. All we can really say right now is get well Robert, we're all thinking of you.

Kubica heads out the garage for some testing action in Valencia

Credit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

Kubica heads out the garage for some testing action in Valencia

Today sees Virgin Racing became the latest team to launch their new car, and they'll have to go some to beat the bizarre but really quite good launch from McLaren. It's a good chance for them to rack up some brand new Christine's Rankings team points. The fabulous rankings system, which sees me hand out points depending on how I feel that day, is back and better than ever. We now have rankings for both teams and drivers, meaning double the Christine's Rankings fun. It's not on Mondays anymore though, so watch out for Tuesday Rankings drama.

What else is coming up today? It looks like Leigh has just posted a guest post, whilst there will also be time for some Tweets of the Week later. Have a good day, and I will see you in the comments.

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