Hello, hello, hello!! It's been a weekend of unexpected: 44 goals in the Premier League, Robert Kubica's nightmare crash, some dramatic (hihi) and more dramatic defeats, not so lucky debuts and surprising (well deserved) victories, hattricks, returns and surprising (very good looking, you must say) visits.

There's also been lost of action going on in the Formula 1 (at last!), so let's focus on that:

  • Robert Kubica will have to undergo more surgery. Poor chap ... keep on fighting, Rob, you're a fighter! Are thoughts are with you.
  • Now brace yourself ... Schumi said "This is very horrible" once he heard news about Robert. That's even more shocking than the accident ... Schumi has got feelings too! I am gobsmacked. Of course, it was all over the news today (TV, radio, print, internet) all day long. Sometimes a bad dream becomes reality ... every day, if you live in Schumiland.
  • His career is a big "?" at the moment, but quess what the Polish media are concerned about the most in this very moment? That he might lose half of his salary. That's very ... encouraging.
  • The Polish guys also say that Heidfeld might replace Rob.
  • They didn't mention Tiago Monteiro (remember that guy?) who said he never stopped thinking about Formula 1, and if the right moment and opportunity comes, he shall take it. Good timing, lad ...
  • Virgin ... sorry, Marussia-Virgin launched their new car. Timo is looking glad.
  • Force India are going to launch their new car online. I will surely miss it, make sure you don't.
  • Hear, hear! Tony Fernandes has been awarded a Commander of the Order of the British Empire honour by the Queen.

And the best at the end ... Christine's Rankings return with added ... things. :-) Leigh wrote a post about the French GP and, please, take a moment of silence to read this. It's absolutely awesome. ;-)

That will be all from me today. Don't forget to listen to Football Weekly Podcast (and listen till the very end, because the best 5 seconds of the show are at the very, very, end! :D). Don't forget to have a good time, which you will have if you listen to Football Weekly. ;-) Don't forget the comments and don't forget to come back for more goodies.

I am off to listen to ... :-)

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