The battle is nearly won my friends. We have the advantage, we look the best. The conditions have failed to be kind, but in the end used for our benefit. This is the year we win it back, snatch it away from the hands of the enemy. Use this lead, take it with both hands and slaughter them, make them wish they never came to Wales, make them cry, win the Ryder Cup.

Yes, the heroic and brave Colin Montgomerie is to send his valiant European golfers in the final day of the Ryder Cup to finish off the sinister Americans. After rain sent by the Gods pushed play onto a fourth day for the first time ever, and now the all important singles, the matches which decide which team gets to take home the Ryder Cup. The plucky Europeans or those Americans.

Europe lead by three points and only need five more (from a possible twelve) to bring home the trophy that is rightfully ours. The fun Molinari brothers, the youthful danger of McIlroy, the sheer awesomeness of Jimenez. Right, I think its time to switch off patriotic mode and start the bulletpoint express:

  • I must admit, the problem with doing the daily for Monday is that there is little F1 news from over the weekend. And you know what, today is no exception.
  • But, there was news in other forms of motorsport and we have two new champions in their respective areas. In the US of A, we have the terrific Dario Franchitti making it his third IndyCar title in four years. And in France Sebastian Loeb just can't stop winning the WRC either, seven years on the trot. Will anyone be able to beat him while he is still in the sport?
  • And it doesn't stop there, we also had the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. Mrs C favourite Franck Montagny won with Sidepodcast favourite Ant Davidson a solid second. Steven's favourite of McNish was in 3rd, and sadly RG's favourite of Rob Bell was 19th and well down in the GT2 class. Aw.
  • It is the proper start of the Commonwealth Games today and there is a whole host of events to watch today. There is... squash, and maybe bowls if you fancy. Oh, and the swimming, which will no doubt be the best event, as it usually is. In Northern watch, Sunderland born Victoria Barr is running in the womens 4x400m relay, so no doubt she will win that and bring in the gold for England.
  • And speaking about awesome Northerners, a Newcastle bed company had only gone and broke the world record for Human Mattress Toppling. Oh yes, we are indeed, that brilliant. I don't see the Londons and the Manchesters doing it. We rock. And you know it.

Is that it for today? You know what I think it is, excellent. I'm currently hobbling around with a badly sprained foot. See, football, bad for your health (even more for Liverpool fans...)

Enjoy Monday.

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