Hello my dear fellow sidepodcasters! It’s Tuesday again and I am glad you starting this Tuesday with my post. Because that’s what you’re doing, aren’t you? You’d better …! We’re having a lovely autumn here in Cologne, I hope you’re able to enjoy this season without an umbrella wherever you are.

In case you didn’t know: it’s World Teacher’s Day today. Are you glad you do not have to go to school anymore? I am. I hated mathematics. And physics. And chemistry. This whole boring stuff … brrrrrrrrr!! Well, I still hate it. *shudders*

I shall start with what hurts me the most to bring it behind me: we lost against Blackpool. At home. We are now 18th. 18th!!!!!!!!! It is our worst league start for 75 years and for the next 14 days we will suffer being in the relegation zone. In the relegation zone!!! WE!!! Liverpool Football Club!!! Unbelievable ... First I was happy Manchester United only drew Sunderland, but it didn’t last long. *sigh* Even Everton is above us ...!! Do I have to say more? Only that I am as gutted as a fan can be.

OK. I said it, let’s move on. As I mentioned in my last Daily, I took a few days off and spent them in Holland. You definitely should visit this lovely country at least once in your life. But it’s worth to do it more often. There are loads of things you can do there. But I didn’t do any of them. Instead, I visited my friend, who is the unofficial NASCAR specialist in the Netherlands (you can find him on twitter @nascarfanvenlo). What did we do then? Yes! You guessed it right! We watched NASCAR. The previews, reviews and NASCAR stuff on YouTube ... we watched it all. And had a great laugh. Just like Kimi had in here. Brilliant!! Just once more ... That has to be enough.

Greg Biffle won Sunday’s race in Kansas ahead of Jimmy Johnson and Kevin Harvick. Monty finished only 29th despite starting from 5th position. I hope he was able to keep himself under control. It’s all about temperament, isn’t it? How I miss him in the Formula 1.

We also watched MotoGP in Motegi. Casey Stoner won ahead of Andrea Dovicioso and “The Doctor” Valentino Rossi. My man, Dani Pedrosa, was unable to participate in this Sunday's race after a crash in the free practice. He now will have to undergo a surgery. This Sunday didn’t start well for me at all. But there was still more to come, as I mentioned earlier.

As you all know there was no Formula 1 this weekend, but there were some news:

  • BMW Sauber have announced that 20-year old Mexican driver Sergio Perez will race for the team next season, partnering current driver Kamui Kobayashi and Christine wrote all about it.
  • Renault is still flirting with Kimi, or Kimi with Renault, it depends how you look at it, while Citroen is waiting at his decision. Tension is raising for everyone except Kimi himself, I dare to believe.
  • However, Niki Lauda says it’s all rubbish.
  • He also believes Fernando Alonso will win the title. Well, I wouldn’t mind at all!! Adelante, Fer!
  • Pedro de la Rosa has indicated he does not want to return to being a full time Formula One test driver. Sure, he deserves much more.

Any news from Jaime? Well, the Spaniard was very keen to arrive at home as soon as possible. Why? Because there were some cars to have look at. This whole rush made him thirsty, but he managed to find a nice place to calm down. Ohmmmmmmmmm!! Now he’s eager as a beaver again and is baring his teeth. Sebastien, beware!

If we are in Spain, let’s have a look at the domestic footy:

  • Amazing scenes! Real Madrid won 6:1 against Deportivo while Barcelona only drew Malorca 1:1. The Special One (also known as Jose Maurinho) might be pleased with this result. But with Jose you never know.
  • Ups! Atletico Madrid lost 3:1 against Sevilla. The only goal was once again scored by the other Diego (Costa). Sorry, Christine. But THE Diego did it well, he did, it was the ball which bristled.

To sum it up: Valencia is still at the top of the table. That should explain why Jose isn’t as glad as he’d liked to be. Cheer up, Jose lad! We’re 18th!!

That will be all from me today. I Hope your Tuesday is going to be a special one (nice link, he?) and I see you in the comments! I am off to listen to this brilliant band I discovered last week. You should check them out, too.

P.S. Sorry, just once more ... It’s too  good. *g*


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