Hello my lovely Sidepodfriends, I hope you’re all well this fine Sunday morning. Have you all got plans for today? Well it’s the opening of the Commonwealth games in New Delhi today, which means no Jake Humphrey next weekend for BBC coverage of the Grand Prix which is sad, but that’s a whole 7 days away. In the mean time we can sit back and enjoy these lovely images of the preparations for the games, as collected by the boston big picture.

The Commonwealth games aren’t the only sporting event on this weekend, we’ve already had the delights of live commenting two rather awesome races. The final IndyCar race of the 2010 season, live comments on which can be found here and a summary of which can be found in the form of the brilliant FBFB highlights. If you don’t want to know the winner of the race and/or the winner of the championship look away now...... have you looked away? No? Well don’t say I didn’t warn you... Dario Franchitti finished 8th and with that gained the 2010 championship. I gather is was a great race but sadly I wasn’t able to watch that race because I was too busy watching the Petit le mans race, which was also live commented on our fine site. Congratulations to our favourites Franck and Ant who both did brilliantly, helping Peugeot to secure a historic 1-2 victory. Yaaaayy for Ant!

Phew, what a lot of motorsport for a Saturday evening, brilliant isn’t it! Well just in case you missed Ant’s performance yesterday, or need another fix of the pocket sized legend I found a video on the BBC F1 site where he helps to compare the difference between amateur and professional drivers, just in case we didn’t know already. You can take a look here.

We’ve had some great posts on the site lately, the most recent of which include Bridget’s wonderful post on Hispania, where she takes a closer look at the back marker team who can’t seem to decide on their driver line up. It’s an essential read, very interesting. On a more site related note our lovely site owner Christine is coming up to her big run and has written a post for us all to read. Please check it out and sponsor her if you can, it’s all for a brilliant cause!

Yesterday Amy wrote our first Heikki daily and I loved it! It inspired me to include a section in my daily about my favourite driver (any excuse really..). Well I’ve been keeping my eyes pealed and I’ve managed to find quite a few Jenson links, so prepare yourself for the next few lines of Jenson related goodness. Firstly, Jens still believes he can fight for the title and seems very driven to do so, yaay for Jenson not giving up on maybe winning the title again! So in preparation for the next few races, and well probably another triathlon of some sort he’s been out training lots over the past few days. He even brought Jessy with him yesterday. They do make a very cute couple.

I’ve seen photos of Jenson wearing strange things before... but I’m not sure anything really prepared me for finding out about one of his latest advertising appearances. Let me put it this way, have you ever wondered what he’d look like with a milk moustache? No need to wonder anymore, yes that’s right, Jenson has jumped on the Mark Webber band wagon and is now advertising milk. Look out for him on a bus near you!

Finally, if you’re looking for an escape from motorsport why not take a look at the invisible aspects of our universe? Or perhaps take a take a look at what Van Gogh’s paintings would look like if they had been created in a tilt shift style?

That’s about it for today, I hope you all have a lovely day, oh and remember to tune In for today’s giggles radio show at 4pm!

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