Hello, Amy here, bringing you the first of the Down Under Dailies. Stay tuned over the following Saturdays for dailies from Paul, Jeremy and Pamela as well.

I’ve always tried to avoid writing daily posts as I’m never quite sure what to write about so I have decided on a theme to make it easier. So Amy dailies are now your Heikki News Monthly dailies. You’re welcome.

I’m sure no one has missed this news but after his Lotus caught on fire Heikki decided he would rather be a fireman. He did an interview with Autosport explaining why he drove the fire away from large numbers of people (smart) and here you can see how the fire looked to the Sutton brothers. Keith was mighty close!

Since Singapore ended Heikki has been phoning people as part of his Facebook competition. In the comments we thought it might be a recorded message of some kind but Colin, the first winner, commented on the page thanking Heikki for the chat and going into some detail of what they talked about so it’s nice to know that it actually is Heikki you get to talk to. I haven’t entered though, have you?

Heikki is quite the sports fan and has been known to tweet quite a bit about golf, ice hockey and tennis. His latest train of thought is regarding the positive drug test of Tour de France champion Alberto Contador.

In news that will affect Heikki, Cosworth and Lotus have officially set a date for the termination of their engine deal, which will cease at midnight on November 30. Of course Heikki hasn’t officially been announced as a Lotus driver for 2011 but it’s a pretty open secret.

Today's final piece of Heikki news is that I got a photo with him in Singapore! I’d actually been waiting at the paddock entrance to get him to sign my Lotus hat but I completely forgot about that and got the photo instead. Oops.

Did you know?

Heikki holds the record for most consecutive finishes from the start of an F1 career, after finishing the first 16 races in 2007. He shares this record with Tiago Monteiro, who was quite a good looking chap.

Well that’s it for the Heikki news, and I’m sure there is plenty of non-Heikki news being discussed in the comments so I’ll see you there!

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