Pinch, punch, first of the month! No returns! How on earth is it October already? How the year has absolutely flown by so quickly. Also, how can I follow a daily as good as yesterdays? Very cool idea from the always innovative Alex Andronov but I can't promise mine will be as exciting as his was! But that was yesterday, and today is Friday so I shall try my best to provide you with some quality reading from the world of Formula 1, Golf and graphic novels.

Paddock News

Remember Rememeber the 11th of, urm, October - So the Korean Grand Prix saga continues on once more and delays are following delays are following delays. Joe has written up a quick of news to joyfully tell us that we won't hear anything on whether we'll be seeing a race there or not until at least Oct 11th. Recent photos showed it's still looking nowhere near completion so I wouldn't get many hopes up with this disaster.

Super Sauber's Kobayashi, He's a Funny Young Guy - I love interviews like this, and Sauber made a difficult day yesterday a little brighter with a fabulous interview with the lovable Kamui Kobayashi. Remember it was Japan last year we got introduced to the young Japanese driver and since then he's gained so many fans and I feel deservedly so. I love the fact he wanted to be a comedian but didn't think he was funny enough - very sweet!

E-Virgin from the Shadows - That's a shocking pun. Anyways, that doesn't matter because Richard Branson, the man who was built with a PR pinger in his head, has confirmed he will be contributing furthermore to Virgin's future as a team. They've been a really fantastic new team in terms of the fan relations this year so this is excellent news I feel. Even Branson makes sense in the quotes within the article linked and everything! Madness!


I Said Daily Thread, not John Daly and Fred Couples - Ah yes, today is the day that the Ryder Cup begins. If you're not a golf fan then you may like to know it is the biggest tournament in Golf, with the US taking on Europe. RG has written a top blog post here talking about what he feels is likely to happen and what to expect in this year's Ryder Cup. On a more personal level, they are holding it in the city I live and I can see the Celtic Manor Resort from my home. Will Europe erupt in victorious celebrations or will the USA reign surpreme in my rainy little city? Time will tell!

Seriously Awesome Franckage - You may like to know that Petit Le Mans is taking place this weekend and the always mentioned Franck Montagny, who's biggest fan we all know and love, is looking very impressive at the moment with practise and whatnot. Of course, there are other awesome names at the event too such as Allan McNish, Alex Wurz and of course Anthony Davidson, but go Franck!

So How About that F1 2010 game, eh? - It's been a whole week since F1 2010 was released! Madness. How are you finding the game, ladies and gents? Well i've written up my feelings on my blog after a week of playing it's loveliness and I'd love to hear what you think. On the topic of F1 2010, check out this comparison picture of Eau Rouge on F1 2010 compared to an F1 game in 1998 courtesy of @cardiffblogger - madness! Finally, I would recommend players of the game check out an official Codemasters response to any bugs or problems. It's a very, very good response to a fierce response to bugs in the game within their forums.

And for Something Slightly Different.

This Week's Daily Listen - This past week, after a good month or two of dying to see the film, I finally got round to seeing the utterly uniquely superb Scott Pilgrim vs The World and accompanying the fantasticness the film produced was a really very good soundtrack that I have been listening to whilst writing this Daily today. I'm a bit fan of the comic b... sorry, graphic novels before the film anyways but the film was just absurdly stunning, whilst the music in the film was near nigh perfectly chosen. Edgar Wright is a genius!

That's it for another week folks, I hope I did a good job at following up yesterday's awesome Daily Thread. On a slight down note, Formula 1 lost an ex-driver yesterday in Trevor Taylor to cancer, and Taylor was a team-mate to Jim Clark so he was in quite a time for F1 so it's always a shame to hear another soul has been lost from our sport. RIP Trevor. However we must look forward to another Friday before an always welcome weekend, so I hope you guys have a wonderful day though and I shall see you in those lovely comments down below as always!

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