Hello everyone and welcome to the first of my regular daily posts. I'll be covering Thursdays with Pat W I think although I forgot last week and Steven Roy had to do it (he still doesn't have a blog so can't really have a link but I could link to his author tag on Sidepodcast). But anyway the point is that Thursdays are pretty terrible affairs, everyone knows that, and that is why it's best that no one commentator attempts to takle the covering of Thursdays alone. I have recklessly attempted to start a video series in my daily posts... Why don't you have a watch of the video and then join me afterwards in the links underneath?

Are you finished? Cool... Excellent... We're all on the same page... Well... Or Tab if that's the nomenclature you prefer.

Hey that's a point lets get some of those extra tabs fired up as we think about what's going on in the world of F1 at the moment?

Think you're having a bad day? Imagine you are the Korean Grand Prix Circuit... Wait... Imagine you are the Korean Grand Prix Circuit but you can still think and read and stuff otherwise the rest of this post is going to be largely irrelevant to you... You think you are having a bad time of it? Well now somebody has only gone and driven a crane into you. Ouch.

Nigel Stepney isn't going to prison but in Italy they are kind of saying that he should but he probably won't. This is one of those stories that you probably need to know about so that later on you can say, "yeah, yeah, he got sentenced and everything but nothing really happened in the end", rather than going, "what? I never heard anything about that what are you talking about?". So if you want to be in the former camp then read all about it.

Mike Gascoyne got a five year deal at Lotus sewn up today and Christine wrote all about it. In an ideal world we would all spend some time in the comments writing out #congratulationscardstomike like this:

Dear Mike,

Well done on getting a five year deal with Lotus, I think you are smart and brave. Not many teams have been around that long and if you do it then you will have proven yourself worthy of the Lotus marque.

Congratulations again,

Alex Andronov


Hope you have a great Thursday, if such a thing is possible, and don't forget to let us know how it's going...

I for one will... Read you in the comments.

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