Hey there, another Wednesday, so another daily beckons. I was struck down with the Man-Flu yesterday so I have been at home resting ... hopefully back to 100% when you read this!

I have quite a few links for you today... but mostly on one particular subject.

The Lotus Stuff...

The big news after this Grand Prix is that it's all about the Lotus... Which Lotus are we talking about though? It seems like this story is starting to really unfold and it seems to be quite complex. Here are the latest articles from your favourite trusted F1 sources:

Other F1 News and Stuff...

Yes, there was some other F1 related news today...

  • In F1 Dating News, the head of the Renault F1 operation, Eric Boullier, is keen to meet rally driver and chief rollover artist Kimi Raikkonen "face to face" to "understand more about his wish to come back.." "...But [Eric] really wants to consider all of the options..." Stop acting so hard to get Eric, we know you all fancy Kimi in that car for next year!
  • Everyone's favourite rookie, Di Licious, has a great interview with AUTOSPORT, who show how difficult it has been for him and the other drivers in the new teams this year.
  • Speaking of Virgin, Richard Branson has been talking to Adam Cooper. He sounds like he's still quite positive about being an F1 team owner, which is good news really isn't it?
  • In other team news, Joe has a piece on the future of Sauber. I just hope that RG likes Tacos, Tequila and Coronas ;)
  • Apparently there is no management friction at MercedesGP. I thought the management of friction was the reason why that car has not been as competitive this year...?
  • The F1 teams have reached a new resource restriction agreement. But no specific details have been released.
  • Jenson Button's latest endorsement is a little bit hairy ... not the best of pics I am sure you will agree!
  • Tomorrow is the Practice Session for the epic Petit Le Mans race - which means only one thing: Our first time in ages to see Franck race!

That's all from me then. One final story for you - in "Driver forgets brain and common sense by following GPS instructions blindly news", a man drove a van up a mountain in Switzerland and got so stuck they had to airlift him down. Genius!

Have a great Wednesday and stay away from the Man-Flu!

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