AIHL Goodall Cup Grand Final

Ice hockey? In Australia? Yes! Believe it or not the Goodall Cup is one of the oldest Ice Hockey trophies around, having first been awarded in 1909. The Australian Ice Hockey League Commission originally decided not to live-stream the finals but changed their mind after a larger than expected backlash from their fans, so we’re watching the live stream to say thanks for listening, AIHL! My favourite team (and what should be your favourite team) the Melbourne Mustangs came in fifth this season and just missed out on making it to the finals but it’s OK because we’re bound to see some great hockey anyway. Without knowing the results of the two semi-finals, I’m going to take a guess and say we’ll be watching the Sydney Ice Dogs vs. the Newcastle North Stars (but we could be watching the Melbourne Ice or the Perth Thunder too).

Daily: 3rd September 2011

Due to the summer break there has only been one race since my last update, the lovely Spa. Heikki made it into Q2 for the second year there in a row! I was hoping for some rain on Sunday simply because I got rained on so much last year, and also because rain always gives Heikki an excellent chance for a strong finish. Sadly things stayed dry and he came home in 15th.

Daily: 6th August 2011

I slept through my planned daily writing last month so now I have 8 weeks of Heikki news to catch up on. Sorry all! A big thank you to Christine for jumping in with some excellent Heikki tweets in my absence too! We’ve had five races since my last post, and sadly three of them ended in retirement. Did you know Heikki hasn’t finished two races in a row for the last seven races?

Wimbledon 2011: Day 6

It’s day 6 at Wimbledon already! Hasn’t it been a great tournament already? There’s been some upsets for both the men and the women, which is always nice to see as long as it’s not one of your favourites.

Daily: 11th June 2011

Has it really been four weeks? Have we really had two more races? Just where is the year going? F1 moved back to Western Europe and with that came Heikki’s best qualifying of the year, 15th in Spain! In my last post I wrote that I should be focusing my attention onto the team getting into Q2 so clearly I’m going to take all the credit for it.

Daily: 14th May 2011

Welcome to the ninth edition of Heikki News! Since you were last updated we’ve had another two races and Heikki outqualified Jarno in both. This makes their qualy head to head 4-0 for the year. Excellent work Heikki! He finished 16th in China, which was ahead of a Sauber and a Williams!

Daily: 16th April 2011

Good morning Heikki fans, welcome to a slightly late Heikki news. Has it really been four weeks already? Since I last updated you the season has well and truly begun. Heikki has hit the track twice, and I was there to cheer him on both times.

Daily: 19th March 2011

Hello Saturday. Today’s daily is a little different from my normal one. I have all the latest Heikki news of course, but because this is my last daily before I head off to Albert Park next week I have a little bit of Melbourne news too.

Daily: 19th February 2011

Hyvää huomenta F1 fans, I am back once again to update you on what Heikki has been up to over the last four weeks. I'm also updating myself because first I was all about the tennis, I've been ignoring testing because if I can't watch live video I'm not staying up til 4am for it, and then I went on holiday to New Zealand for a week and missed almost everything everyone had to say on Twitter. Oops!

Daily: 22nd January 2011

Hyvää huomenta! Good morning! We haven't caught up with Heikki news since last year, so I'm here to fill you in with what you may have missed. Heikki started 2011 by going to a metal themed New Years party, and he let Catherine near him with her eyeliner. My opinion is this is not his best look, how about you?

Daily: 25th December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! This year I got you something pretty good but I wasn’t quite sure how to wrap it so if you just look down a bit you’ll see it. It’s Heikki news!

Daily: 27th November 2010

Hello Heikki fans. I was going to say hi in Finnish today but I'm writng this daily on my Kindle (a Sidepodcast first?) and it doesn't have the vowels with the dots. Boo. Since we last caught up the F1 season had its final two races. In Brazil Heikki was 18th and he followed this up with 17th in Abu Dhabi. These results left him the best new teams driver, giving him 20th in the drivers standings and ensured Lotus remained 10th in the constructors. Thanks for the $$ Heikki!

Daily: 30th October 2010

Welcome to Saturday, Heikki fans and those I’m yet to persuade, Amy here filling you in on what you’ve probably not missed in the last month. It’s been a busy four weeks for Heikki with two races, two birthdays and an awful lot of golf.

Daily: 2nd October 2010

Hello, Amy here, bringing you the first of the Down Under Dailies. Stay tuned over the following Saturdays for dailies from Paul, Jeremy and Pamela as well. I’ve always tried to avoid writing daily posts as I’m never quite sure what to write about so I have decided on a theme to make it easier. So Amy dailies are now your Heikki News Monthly dailies. You’re welcome.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 1

Hello. Amy here. As the self elected official unofficial bringer of Sidepodcast tennis news, I bring you Wimbledon: Day 1. Wimbledon is the third slam of the year and the only one played on tennis' original surface of grass. They don't call it Lawn Tennis for nothing. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have one slam a piece in 2010, and they are once again the two favourites to lift this title. Some say 2010 could bring an upset though, as in the all too short grass season coming into this tournament Roger lost to Hewitt for the first time in 16 matches in the final at Halle and Rafa was taken out early in Queens.