Hey there! Just a quick Daily Post from me because I am writing this post at the last minute, because I had some friends over to play Kubb, Pétanque and eat pizza - and they only just left!

Here are your links for today:

  • The FIA have confirmed the date for the Germany 'Team Orders' hearing. Also, apparently Derek Warwick (who was one of the Stewards on Sunday) has told 5Live that he wanted to black flag Schumacher but the video evidence didn't come quick enough. If you ask me, that sounds a little bit like the Monday Morning Quarterback, but still...
  • Speaking of Schumacher, Joe Saward has written a fantastic post about Schumacher, his move on Barrichello and his motivations for a comeback. A must read!
  • Adam Cooper has been writing about the Korean Grand Prix, which Bernie Ecclestone insists is happening. All right then!
  • The folks at Sidepodcast have been very busy writing posts for you. Firstly, re-live their awesome experiences watching the Hungarian Grand Prix from the Renault F1 Factory here and here.
  • Christine loved the Factory so much, she wanted to move in. Instead, she has to keep dreaming about her ultimate bunker house sadly...
  • Then check out Mr. C's post on Fernando Alonso's wife (who is a singer in a cool band).
  • Mrs. C. wrote a great post about Timo Glock and the lack of eye candy for the female F1 fans. Show us your six packs, F1 drivers!
  • The next round of the Character Cup has been posted. Petrov vs. Barrichello. Should be an easy win for Rubens, eh?

That's all from me then. Sorry if you had any links to plug but I haven't been in the comments tonight.

One more thing - this will be the last Daily I will be able to write until the first Tuesday in September, as I go on holiday next week and won't be around the internet much. Then I have an Aunty visiting and finally the Spa Grand Prix trip.

So if you ever wanted to write a Daily and never had the chance, now is the time! Either sign up on the wiki or let Christine know and it will be sorted out in a jiffy ;)

See you in the comments,


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