Welcome to Thursday. The F1 break has begun so there is nothing really happening in the F1 World, essentially nothing is going to happen between now and the Belgium GP, so we best make the most of the quiet to enjoy other things.

  • Do you miss the debrief podcasts? I know I do but sidepodcast is still downshifting (apparently) but after a trip to Renault HQ this last weekend there is a Sidepodchat, well worth checking out.
  • Eric Boullier believes that Robert Kubica has bought success to the team, The summer break has come at the wrong time for McLaren according to Hamilton, the new FIA tests probably won't affect the Red Bull wing and Fernando Alonso beleives Ferrari need to remain calm in the pursuit of the championship.
  • Leigh has an interview with 2009 IndyLights Champion JR Hildebrand who will be making his début in IndyCar, he has also tested for Force India last December, well worth a read.
  • We all love Apple here on sidepodcast (well most of us) and its that time of year where rumours are starting to circulate on the next apple products (I'd like an ipod touch with a camera please)
  • Ever wondered how the internet works? well here is a diagram which explains it all.
  • Got nothing to do this summer, why not try learning all about web design and development? here are some Web Design and Development resources to help you on your way. Whilst your at it you might want to check out this video on the top 5 mistakes of CSS.
  • For Mr C and other typography fans, I give you some accessories that you might like.
  • After I missed including Doctor Who last week, I give you the final numbers for the times the Doctor mentions "Pond"
    EpisodeDoctor says "Pond"
    Vampires of Venice0
    Amy's Choice0
    Hungry Earth/Cold Blood2
    Vincent and the Doctor0
    The Lodger3
    The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang5

That sums up this not very F1 daily post. I hope you all enjoy today whatever you may be up and I shall see you in the comments.

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