Another week, another Friday and another way daily from myself to kick off a nice day of the week. Seeing as Formula 1 is on an extended break till Spa in a few weeks, there must be plenty to talk about I'm sure. Did you know yesterday was Lou's 3 year Sidepodiversary with visiting this wonderful site? On the same day she got a new phone as well, a good Thursday for Lou then! But today is Friday and we can look forward to the weekend with the bullet points of awesomeness that follow:

  • Not too much going on in the world of Formula 1 right now what with everyone seeking the sun and sand around the world. Even our lovely friend Joe Saward can be found taking a well deserved break too! It is Tonio Liuzzu's birthday today though so happy birthday Vimto Liuzzi!! There was a great story that popped up yesterday involving Mark Webber and his assistance of fellow Aussie racer Will Power and friends in his career that I enjoyed finding out about. What a great bloke Webber is! We did get another update yesterday though from Alex Snell's fantastically insightful F1 diary as he follows the championship around the globe. Love the picture of Alex and Tiny Timo!
  • We can't go a daily without mentioning the Character Cup, of course! With the investigation of the controversial result for the first Semi final showing Rubens Barrichello was the actual winner, Bruno Sena took a big victory over Lewis Hamilton yesterday with the final Semi Final taking place today between the popular Karun Chandhok and the always sweet Heikki Kovaleinen. Do your part readers and make your vote known - Bruno won by just four votes so every vote counts - then let us know in the comments as people are always around to chat and talk.
  • Now for Bloggers Central, where I'll get some of the bloggers out there a bit of exposure and get that plugging in there! Viva F1 posted a look at the various retirements and results for the new teams in Formula 1 - straight away it caught my eye with that unique graph that explains the data very, very well. Christine blogged another Film Watch entry with her opinions posted on Valentines Day - that's the film, not the frustratingly overexposed day of the year. Finally, RG has gone on holiday to Italy the lucky ....awesome dude that he is, so why not take a glance at his mid-season review of the New Teams Championship he is undertaking? Fascinating to see how the new teams are progressing in his alternative championship. Also, Sakon Yamamoto.
  • I've had a very musical week this week and I thought I'd quickly share my adventures with you. On Monday I purchased the fabulous new Arcade Fire album 'The Suburbs' which is just a lovely album, with Sprawl II being such a highlight, a gorgeous 80's-esque uplifting gem of a song that makes the album. Later in the week I then moved onto the Belgium rock band Ghinzu and their 2009 album Mirror Mirror which really blew me away. I'm a big fan of these guys what with their Muse similarity but the combination of the tracks Mirror Mirror and The Dream Maker are two highlights for myself. Finally, why not add me as a friend on my brand spanking new Go onnn, you can then sign up to the Sidepodcast group and find the musical habits and loves from the many commentors that flock here!

Well, that's that for another week. I would advise everyone to keep your eyes and ears open around the site we may get another Aside with Joe coming up very soon, woohoo!! If you're following the Formula 1 2010 news in relation to the Xbox 360/PS3/PC game, you may be interested to know the achievements/trophies have been announced for the game. Fancy getting 41 poles and 41 wins from them and rewarded for doing so? Well there's an achievement for that! Also if you have any good HTC Desire app recommendations I'm sure Lou will be happy to listen with her new gadget so please post any in the comments! Just come and join us all anyways for another good day that we can enjoy as one in the comments. In fact, I'm heading there right now!

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