After two consecutive weeks of F1 action, we get a break. Not really a good thing in my opinion, especially since my driver had a horrid time both weeks (oh Bastian), but we all have to cope. So here are some bulletpoints to get you through today:

  • As with every other race week this season, something controversial has to pop up. Needless to say, I prefer to take to look on the brighter side of things (can they possibly get any worse?) but echoes of 2003 keep repeating in my mind. Of all the things to learn from your F1 buddy, why did Bastian pick up Kimi's penchant for an undependable team?
  • Jake being awesome as usual with the insider scoop on life in the paddock.
  • I just can't believe it is Alonso and not Schumacher making these comments.
  • In other racing news, while Jules Bianchi will be away from the GP2 scene for sometime, Ho-Pin Tung and has escaped with lesser injuries following their collision at the Hungaroring. Get well soon, the both of you!
  • Last weekend was a bad advertisement for racing on a whole. Leigh writes on poor Chris van der Drift's accident in the Superleague Formula. Hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery.
  • Christine' favourite was also back in action in the races, and the points hull may not be high but it is the race seat that counts.
  • And the usual weekly Christine pings: Schumacher's attempts to get himself trending succeeds, although it comes with negative points on the rankings. Boo-hoo.
  • Perhaps that is why Christine has encoded instructions for being a good driver in her latest header? Attention-grabber aside, she also has time for a di-licious special post.
  • Any blogger with more spare time than me (sorry F1 but football remains my priority), please do participate in this blogging event. Sounds fantastic really.
  • BBC continues to irritate the better part of the world. For those lucky few of you with access, here's a (supposedly) cool Hamilton and Senna video.
  • And on a completely unrelated note, I find hats way funnier than caps. Maybe we should let the sponsors go wild on headgear designs the way they do with the trophies?

That's all for today. Enjoy the links and join in the daily comments!

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