Daily: 17th August 2010

The countdown to the Official SidepodMeet-up continues. Only 10 more days people! In other news, welcome to Tuesday. Lots of things happening now that the break is finally drawing to a close and lots of bulletpoints for you to peruse. With no further ado:

Daily: 10th August 2010

It is Tuesday! F1 persists with its absence so today's bulletpoints will be slightly less than usual. :( Let's get on with it then:

Daily: 3rd August 2010

After two consecutive weeks of F1 action, we get a break. Not really a good thing in my opinion, especially since my driver had a horrid time both weeks (oh Bastian), but we all have to cope. So here are some bulletpoints to get you through today:

Daily: 27th July 2010

Hello Tuesday! It is Marilene here, back on daily duty having settled my internet issues. Just my luck that I had to miss the return of Ferrari and all that team order furore. On the bright side, there is the Hungarian grand prix to look forward to, and a small matter of rallying in Finland...

Daily: 13th July 2010

It is Jarno Trulli's birthday! Isn't it fantastic that Tuesday birthdays are back? In any case, I am wishing Trulli a very happy birthday, especially since he was the best of the newcomer teams just last weekend. A move up on RG's rankings should go a long way into improving anyone's mood. And talking about rankings...

Daily: 6th July 2010

It is Tuesday, and it is British GP week! I haven't been around here much last week (GERMANY!) but now that another race is coming along, Sidepodcast shall be my homepage. Hopefully the momentum is back with Red Bull now and home advantage won't count for that much... But let's recap what has happened yesterday with the bulletpoints...

Daily: 29th June 2010

It is Tuesday already, but what a weekend! Or more specifically - what a lovely Sunday! It was fantastic to see all my favourite Germans going all out for the victory. Could either win have been more comprehensive? But enough gloating from me. Let us move on to more pleasant stuff, like the bulletpoints that yesterday brought.

Wimbledon 2010: Day 5

The smell of crisp green grass, the feel of tension rising, the sound of thousands gathering to watch a match. Yes, it is the world cup Wimbledon. With the queen in attendance, the higher-ranked males did not dare to disappoint, and marked yesterday as the first day when all seeded players in the gentlemen's singles won their matches. The ladies failed to rise to the challenge however, as Daniela Hantuchova, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Aravane Rezai and Jie Zheng failed to make it to the next round.

Daily: 22nd June 2010

It seems like order had been restored in the sporting world as the favourites reign supreme (well almost) in both football and tennis. As for Formula One, all seems quiet for now. But with a grand prix coming up (even if it is just Valencia), things might heat up soon:

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 11

The world cup has come alive! Or not. Controversy reigned for the whole of the past week and, frankly, I am not sure if it is really that good for football's reputation. Here's a look back at the good, the bad and the ugly for those of you who have missed it all (and shame on you).

Daily: 15th June 2010

Another sports-packed day is up ahead as the World Cup rolls on. The group of death is up ahead so the action should be good. But first and foremost, let us return to what has been happening in motor sports and our beloved Formula One:

2010 FIFA World Cup: Day 4

This world cup is well and truly alight after Germany's comprehensive trashing of Australia. Too bad for me that the same did not occur on the Montreal track. In any case, those who wrote Die Mannschaft off can bite their tongues, while those betting on Australia making the knockout rounds will be slightly more than apprehensive.

Daily: 8th June 2010

The countdown to the Montreal GP continues but more importantly (to me at least) is the fact that South Africa 2010 is only 3 days away. And for all fellow tennis-lovers: Wimbledon is starting in less than a week. Or 13 days, to be exact. Despite downshifting, Sidepodcast is now bringing widespread sports coverage to the masses. But moving on to more pressing things like click-able links:

Daily: 1st June 2010

It had been an exciting weekend of racing, so now perhaps we can finally catch our breath and discuss the aftermath. Plenty of opinions have been flying around the paddock, as well as here on Sidepodcast, so let us get to it:

Daily: 25th May 2010

Good morning. It is going to be a lovely day for me with all my favourites playing tennis today, so I do wish it will be a good day for all of you too. In other (more F1 related) news:

Daily: 18th May 2010

It is Tuesday again, but this week there is no F1 racing to look forward to. Boohoo :(. There are plenty of F1 news though :), so I better get started with the bullet points:

Daily: 11th May 2010

A new week and more F1 <s>racing</s> to look forward to. Hopefully the rain will actually occur during the race this time, instead of after it. Actually, if volcanic ash gets rained on track, it may literally spice things up. Not that it is going to happen in reality, but one can always hope. As for todays bulletpoints:

Daily: 4th May 2010

It is a new week and finally, we are going to get some action. F1 resumes with the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, and even though we know it is probably going to be boring, to me it is better than nothing. Also, watch out for Rally New Zealand, which Lady Snowcat will most probably provide snippets and highlights of. Onto more pressing things:

Daily: 27th April 2010

Another week passes without any new F1 action to look forward to. To make things worse, life has settled back into normalcy after the volcano stopped erupting and air travel resumed. This is going to be a looong week, so I have got a couple more bullet points than usual to keep you guys going while reality drags on.

Daily: 20th April 2010

I apologize for the tardiness as my world time converter wasn't working all that well. Anyway, here is you new daily post writer for Tuesdays: Marilene Riddle (or yours truly). So what should you be checking out on this bright and sunny day (except for the sad lot affected by the Iceland ash)?