Feet up lovely people, it is official, F1 is on the summer holiday. I assume that means not much of a daily is required then.

  • Then again, that might not be happening. It was an unusually good Hungarian Grand Prix, oh yes, those words were put together in the same sentance. Of course the usual suspects have posted, Mr Lukeh and Mr Leigh have their awesome race reviews up, I have my kind of awesome New Teams Championship update up and Sebastian has his insightfulpoints system review . And of course a big well done to the awesome man that is Pedro de la Rosa for scoring his first points since October 2006. That is the Brazilian Grand Prix, the last race of the season and the so called retirement of Michael Schumacher. In all fairness, in the machinery he's been dealt with, I think Pedro is having the better comeback.
  • Speaking of Mr. Schumacher, he was involved in what can only be described as a dangerous piece of driving, trying to push Rubens Barrichello into the wall. Leigh has a rather excellent post on the incident and Schumacher, well worth a read for sure. And of course, the comments are always welcome for discussions and this is a pretty hot topic, so if you have anything to say about it, please do.
  • Away from Hungary there is of course the famous, recognised Character Cup. Yesterday, Webber was beaten by Karunipedia. Today its the super, lovely, funny, amusing, good looking Timo Glock against, that guy who drives a Lotus, y'know him, the Finnish one. I think you know who I want you to vote for.
  • In speedway news, well. Britain reached the final but lost out on 3rd place to Sweden (who had a Brazilian riding for them), and it was won by Poland, again, and as expected. Finland failed miserably and only picked up 6 points in their semi final, which is rubbish.
  • Finally, just like to say as a massive football fan that on Saturday it marked the one year anniversary of the passing of one of the true footballing greats, Sir Bobby Robson. You can't doubt that the man was a legend and I can't believe its been one year since we lost him.

So thats it for this week, and sadly that is it from me for the next two weeks. I will be in Italy taking in some of the sun and trying not to fall down the cliff that the hotel appears to be situated on. Fun times. I don't know who will be doing Monday's daily (I think its Steven's turn), but I'll be back Monday 23rd. Just in time to see a few people leave for Belgium. I can not believe that something which was thought about so long ago is less than a month away from happening.


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