RG would of course love to return to do his daily for the start of 2011, however, he is currently glued to Sky Player watching England murder Australia for the third time. The match is just about to kick, tee, tip, bowl off, so lets see how many wickets the Aussies have lost by the end of it. So instead of the usual daily, enjoy live coverage of this darts match. Over to Sid Waffell...

(To make life easier, imagine him in a high pitch Geordie accent)


Sid: "Aaaaaaand welcome back to the darts game live, here, at the Liiiiiiiiiiiinking Palace, Lundon. And we got a cracker here between two verrry decent playahs, we got Rubens Barrichello, two one up 'ere against a decent Ciaran Clark. And alongside me is Wayne Marple."

Wayne: "Must admit Rubens is a very aggresive little thrower, he got a good strong throw for him and he is really looking forward to what 2011 has to offer for him."

Sid: "And as proven here, one hundred and eiiiiiiiiighty, he's as aggressive as a tiger and a lion trapped in a cage, can't wait for his season."

Wayne: "Without a doubt, he has the experience, but he can go wondering every now and then."

Sid: "This is terrific stuff from Ciaran, he's on a nine dartah, four triple twenties, five, six, one huuundred and eighty once again from the lad, he likes the red lipstick, classy darts from the lad. I like him, he could come good at the end."

Wayne: "For sure he can, without a doubt here. But Rubens is good, he has a finish on the cards and he could set up a real cliffhanger if he drops it."

Lofty: "If I can just say, in the other games, the Spanish fella Sainz has taken the lead against his opponents, he knows this road well and has won this in the past. No doubt just gotta start thinking about the Spanish World Cup win, to inspire his belief in this game*"

Sid: "Sounds like a the Spaniard is the matador slaughtering the bull at the minute. And 'ere, the Brazilian lion is taking the English tamer to the fence, he's got his sword about but its not doing a single thing. He's shaking, the man is all over the shop, the main lad has got his act together and the reputation preceeds him."

Wayne: "No doubt about it, he's got the momentum and the Power, just needs a Reay of sunshine to inspire him he's one step Meira to victory."

Sid: Rubens 'ere with a chance for the win. Oooooh, he's on the wire, misses again! Sensational, and again! Chance for Ciaran here, out of the blue, to snatch a tie at the end of a thrilling match. He steps up, no darts around him, cleanly hit, and its in! Brilliant. Fantastic! He's a bigger star in Birmingham than Jasper Carrott, what a moment of darts without a doubt."

Lofty: "Bring attention to the other game involving the Finn, Raikkonen. He's gone a cap up in that one and looks strong to keep going in the next year. I think he feels better as a whole now."


Oh, would you believe it. No wickets lost for Australia, well done them! They should get a medal or something.

And do you remember the simply fantastic, dream worthy, I'm-still-jealous-of-Scott-who-met-her Icelandic entry for the 2009 Eurovision? Well, Yohanna is back in the Icelandic finals to compete for it. So if you live in Iceland and don't vote for her, I will track you down, and I will make sure you pay for that.

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