Well, this is my first ever daily, so I hope it's up to standards. I haven't done anything special, just going to put some links together to waste some of your time. This off season thing seems to be carrying on, but fear not, we're now only 4 weeks away from testing and car releases and around 10 weeks from Bahrain. Although I'm not too sure whether Bahrain will be worth the wait...

F1 News

In Formula 1 news, it seems to be the case that Paul di Resta is taking over from Vitantonio Liuzzi and even Nico Hulkenburg is getting in on the act and becoming 3rd driver. The link is in some unforeseen language, possibly Dutch, but there is an english version on a little known site I found.

Fernando Alonso has had another tantrum, this time it wasn't because of a Japanese / Russian driver in the way, but some photographers (who may or may not be Japanese or Russian). He got in a mood and told the locals that if he saw another camera he would leave and tell everyone how bad this place was. I usually look in holiday brochures myself, I don't tend to ask F1 drivers their opinion. The full story can be found here.

And, as per usual, Ferrari want to appeal a rule change. This time they're not happy on the rule on 4 cylinder turbo engines in 2013, even though it’s been announced for about a month, Ferrari have only just announced they aren't too happy with it and say they'd prefer 2 more cylinders.

Other News

In F1 related stuff, fellow Sidepodder Alianora La Canta has posted a very interesting post on the ecology of wind tunnels against track testing.

Now, I realise I haven't done many links, but if your of the intellectual / geeky sort, you may enjoy this almost million word essay on geeks taking over the world. Ok, that isn't quite it but almost.

In other news, there's a partial solar eclipse in the early morning. I think you'll be able to see it around 9am in the UK but be careful you shouldn't look straight at it! Even if it is only for a second. I'm not sure if it will be any good but its worth a check if you aren't at work or anything, I'm sure everyone will be telling each other of what they see on the daily.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my daily, I look forward to writing another one and I'd like to say how much I'm enjoying my time with everyone.

Now i'm going to slightly steal off Lukeh by saying goodbye in my language, Cornish: Dew genough.

I'll leave you with this website to play with, try to scroll as fast as you can!

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