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Happy New Year everyone! (okay I’m a day late, sorry about that). Did you see the London 2011 New Year Fireworks? They were awesome!

I hope you’ve all recovered from New Years Eve by now and are enjoying your well earned rest this weekend. Have you been up to much? I bring brilliant news…

70 days, 11 hours and 58 minutes until the Bahrain Grand Prix. #f1

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Yes that’s right, 70 days!! That’s just 10 weeks!

We’ve still got a loads of things between now and the start of the season, however maybe it’s best to concentrate on the present for a bit so you’ve all got interesting topics to talk about/ read about over today. So lets get on with the links.

Today marks the start of the 2011 Dakar Rally and especially if, like me, you are un familiar with the exciting event you’ll find Guille’s preview posts extremely useful and insightful. Thank you Guille for all the hard work you put into the posts, sounds like it’s going to be great! Thanks also to Christine who posted this photo of the preparations on F1 big picture.

Elsewhere in Sidepodland, Christine is asking for our 2011 F1 New Years resolutions. We all made resolutions last year and had great fun looking back on them a few weeks ago, so why not have an attempt at some this year too? Mr and Mrs C have also been working on a new look for the much loved go take a look, it’s great!

Moving away from Sidepodland, everyone’s favourite new F1 journalist Naoise Holohan has been continuing to tell us all about his personal feelings towards the races he attended this year and a behind the scenes look at what went on. I always welcome behind the scenes snippets of information and Naoise’s experiences make me even more keen to get into the paddock one day. I hope you’ve all been keeping up to date with his posts, they’re awesome.

It wouldn’t be a new year without a look back at the old one that has just passed, and Autosport are no exception, they have two review sections on their site at the moment, the first detailing the top 20 F1 stories of 2010, the second a look at the year in photographs.

I hope you all have a lovely day, I’ll leave you with a brand new podcast of the week.

Podcast of the Week.

This week I’ve chosen to feature three podcasts. Sadly due to the short off season, Mr and Mrs C have been working so hard behind the scenes at Sidepodcast HQ that there hasn’t been enough time for the much loved Sidepoddie Awards this year. Silly Bernie. In order to make up for this I thought it would be fun to look back at the previous three Sidepoddie Awards, as a way of remembering the seasons gone by. Perhaps you can come up with your own personal ideas for awards you would give out this year in the comments this week.

2007 Sidepoddie Awards

Sidepodcast audio preview

2008 Sidepoddie Awards

Sidepodcast audio preview

2009 Sidepoddie Awards

Sidepodcast audio preview

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