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This is the one time of year when I don't roll my eyes at Mr C when he gets misty-eyed and starts thanking and hugging people. Unfortunately, I have banned him from the site while he works on other behind the scenes things, and that means it falls to me. I'm really not very good at this emotional stuff, but I will do my best.

Firstly, thank you to every single person who stuck with us through our hiatus this year. We've said it before, but without the amazingness of each and every one of you, we would have switched Sidepodcast off and never looked back. Thank goodness we didn't, because it is now bigger and better than ever, and that's all because of you.

To each one of you that has written a daily post this year, I thank you. From our regular weekly writers, to the occasional super-sub stand-in, you have all made our lives just a little bit easier, but more importantly, a heck of a lot better. Here's to the continuation of fantastic daily posts in 2011.

Thanks must go to Lou for creating the Sidepodbanner that circled the globe and was held by the great and the good of the Formula 1 paddock. Also to everyone who went on the Spa trip for the podcast, for the blog posts and photographs, for keeping us in the loop and for spreading the Sidepodlove across several countries.

Thanks to all who have appeared in podcasts this year, to Renault for hosting us during the Hungarian GP, for Stuart Codling for talking and commenting with us, to Naoise and Alex Snell for giving us an insight into life inside the paddock, and to Joe for his continued excellence and perseverance - battling with internet connections across the world. Many, many thanks have to go to Alex for entertaining us with Giggles Radio throughout the year - and particularly for the impromptu radio show when we were snowed in. I can't quite explain how amazing that was and just what was needed to cheer us all up.

On a personal note, I have to give a high five to everyone who has been supporting me through my crazy schemes - from running in an actual race, to ditching my entire career to date - all the advice and the encouragement has been much appreciated. Thanks should also go to everyone who supports Mr C too, but he has had less of a dramatic year and more of one filled with coding. We have quite a lot to show for it though - from the Factbyte Factbox to the soon-to-be-new-and-improved F1 Minute and Big Picture, so I have to extend my own special thanks to Mr C. Although, if you're reading this, lovely, then get back to work.

To all the new people that have popped up, I hope you have liked what you have found, and that Sidepodcast has been a welcoming safe-haven from some of the nonsense that is out there on the internet. We've spread our wings from just talking about F1 this year, and I think this is a pattern that will continue throughout the coming months. At its heart, though, Sidepodcast will remain about the sport that brought us together, and, of course, about the people that keep us together.

That's you! I'm sure I've missed out lots of people, because let's be honest, I could thank each and every one of you but that would take all day. Everyone who takes time out to comment, and particularly those who go the extra mile - you know who you are - you're ace.

So here's to 2011! May it be brighter and more sparkly than 2010, and may it bring you happiness and Sidepodlove.

(I think I did alright in the end, didn't I?)

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