Welcome to Saturday, Heikki fans and those I’m yet to persuade, Amy here filling you in on what you’ve probably not missed in the last month. It’s been a busy four weeks for Heikki with two races, two birthdays and an awful lot of golf.

The Japanese Grand Prix saw Heikki come home in 12th place, the best result of any new driver so far this year. Before the race I had predicted that someone might manage to do this and I’m pleased that Heikki made me right. This has helped consolidate Lotus’ 10th place in the Constructors Championship and I will be on the edge of my seat at Brazil and Abu Dhabi to see if Virgin or HRT can go one better.

Speaking of Japan, according to Heikki’s entry on Wikipedia, he and Catherine planned to get married on race day. The Finnish article cited as a source is long gone and I get the feeling Heikki was otherwise occupied. Someone should probably edit that.

Last weekend saw the inaugural Korean Grand Prix, and for the second race in a row Heikki survived a high rate of attrition and came home 13th, just one place behind the man who took his seat at McLaren. I’m going to ignore the fact that coming home 12th isn’t normal for Jenson and claim it as a sign that Lotus will be challenging McLaren next weekend. Welcome to my daily, it’s quite the fantasy land.

In between races Heikki stayed in Kuala Lumpur, taking advantage of Lotus having a base there. He passed the time by challenging Tony to a high stakes round of golf with Tony having to give Heikki the new Nokia N8 if he won. Which was always going to happen, wasn’t it? As a Finnish company, Nokia probably should just give Heikki one of every new phone anyway, he’d be a great ambassador. Tony knows this too.

There was also getting older to deal with, with Heikki turning 29 on October 19 and Catherine following close behind, turning 27 on the 21st. Heikki appeared to get two cakes whereas Catherine only got one. At least she didn’t have to share with Jessica though.

After Korea Heikki flew a plane back to KL (wink wink) and played some more golf, winning the Asia Pacific Classic pro-am tournament. He has also nursed Catherine through food poisoning, caught the flu, flown back home to Geneva for one day, then flown to the UK to pop into the Lotus factory. Life never stops when you’re a Grand Prix driver!

It must be time for some actual news, so my headline of the day is that Heikki will be returning to the Race of Champions, where he famously defeated Michael Schumacher in 2004. He also competed between 2005 and 2007 but mysteriously disappeared around the time he raced for that Woking bunch. I was hoping earlier this year that being at the more laid back Lotus team might see Heikki return to the RoC stadium and I’m excited to learn that my hoping paid off! After they messed with the format and turned last year’s event into a two day disaster it sounds like things will be more like they’re supposed to in 2010. Can he take out Schumacher again? The event coincides with the next edition of Heikki News Monthly so stay tuned and I’ll see you in four weeks. (I’ll also see you in the comments!)

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