Hey all, I hope you’re all well this fine day. Today is Halloween , so I hope you all have an enjoyable day carving jack-o'-lanterns or whatever you’re meant to do on Halloween. Personally I’ll be working but I’m sure you’ll all be doing much more exciting things than that!

I’ve always thought of Halloween as a bit of a strange time of year, but lots of people like it so I thought I’d give it a mention. I much prefer mystical pretty things to strange scary Halloween things.

Speaking of strange things, I have a few photos to show you.  Stephen Morris and his dog Button, are quite the pair. Stephen has been making some rather unique and crazy photos of some awesome type of alternative world. Let me know what you think.

While on the subject of dogs and cute photos, here are some cute animal photos for today.

You’ll have noticed the distinct lack of Formula 1 news so far, that’s because.. well aside from any Autosport headlines nothing has really been happening. Nothing huge anyway. I’m already dreading the offseason! Given this silence, I’ve been doing a bit of searching for F1 news on different parts of the web. Firstly here’s a nice inside look at the Ferrari World experience in Abu Dhabi.

Next I bring some rather sad news, do you remember this?

Well, Jenson sold it! That’s right, his lovely Honda S600 given to him by Honda in 2008 at Monaco! Sad times. He didn’t just sell that though, he sold his lovely VW Kombi Van too! Raising an amazing £57,000!

Finally, have you checked www.sidepodcast.com/blog lately? Are you up to date? Have you seen the awesome cartoons from Stuart? and Mr C’s post about Christine’s Rankings?  Make sure you check, there’ll be part 1 of a brand new Aside with Joe very soon, as edited by the lovely Christine.

That’s about it for this rather quiet non F1 weekend, I hope you all have a lovely day and I’ll see you in the comments.

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