Hello there! It's time for another Friday and another cool down day for many I'm sure as we approach a weekend with no Formula 1. Don't let this deter you though as there's plenty going on, like the amount of birthdays at the moment - yesterday saw the birthday of our overlord supremo Bernie Ecclestone as he turned 184, whilst today we celebrate TWO birthdays of some awesome Sidepodcast commenters and all-round legends Bassano and Gavin (aka Rubbergoat)! Happy Birthday guys!! I have a very strong feeling both are nowhere near the age that Bernie is even combined but I know these much loved commenters will celebrate in far better style than the oldest man in F1. Bernie I mean, not Darth. For now though, let's look at what links are around the interwebs.

Paddock News

Todt's Amp Goes Up To 12 - It seems that the FIA's President and beloved leader Ari Va-Jean Todt seems quite chuffed with the state that Formula 1 is in right now, thinking that 12 teams is about right because it's a lovely number. I'm not surprised, what with the 1 coming before the 2 it's nothing new to him. Ahem. However, the sport shouldn't take it for granted. I wonder if he is expecting teams to pull out any time soon? It's hard enough for Virgin Racing to pull out of the garage let alone the sport.

Button Bravely Battles to Be the Best - Some people are on the podium, they think it's all over... it's not yet for Jenson it seems as the current World Champion refuses to rule himself out. It's a long stretch for the Frome superman but you never know in Formula 1. What our Jenson needs is a Brazil-esque drive and for everyone else to have a Rubens-esque drive at Interlagos last year. You can't fault Jenson's determination in this aspect.


Celebrate Good Times, Come On! - Here's something for all the fans of Jenson's girlfriend Jessica Michibata whether you be a male or female for different reasons I#m sure. Shared by Journeyer in the comments, it's a nice collection of photos of Jessica with friends and a certain world champion celebrating alongside her on her birthday. It felt right to include it with all the birthday talk previously! Also it has John Button in a mask. Now if that isn't a reason I don't know what is.

Toro's Torrid Times and James' Jovial Jredictions - Yes, yes, ok so Jredicitions isn't a word but I have to keep up with some serious alliteration madness. Opening these links is a rather interesting piece from Christine as she studies Toro Rosso's rather dull and unnoticable season. Toro Rosso? You know, the team with Tim and Buemi? Buemi. Sebastien Buemi. No? Bourdais? Ok that's a step too far. Secondly, resident commenter James has followed up on his 2009 championship roundup with a fantastic previews of what to expect this time round with a poll at the end to get your votes on who you reckon will be champion. Who did I vote for? Webber. It seems Barrichello wasn't a choice. He's a champion every season in my head anyways. Yep.

Crofty Begins his World Domination Drive - The eagle eyed Mr C noticed yesterday that, on this invention called the internet that mr c himself created I reckon, our much loved 5 Live commentator and all round nice guy David Croft has begun writing for ESPN-F1. They tend to come out with some good stuff as well as some much disliked GMM related articles but Crofty will no doubt add to their site with some insightful articles such as this Ecclestone-related look at the 184 year old on his birthday. If you're in the UK you may also be interested to know that an hour long show on BBC radio 5 Live was broadcast last night with the 5 Live F1 crew involving Jenson, Horner, and of course Jacques Villeneuve as well as many more. Check it out if you have a spare hour, it's a good listen.

And Now for Something Slightly Different

This Week's Daily Listen - I thought I'd go a bit alternative this week and head out to the lovely country of Belgium with my music to listen to whilst writing this week's daily. After considering DEUS and Zornik, I found myself once again falling head over heels with the fabulous Ghinzu and their stupidly good album Mirror Mirror. I discovered Ghinzu towards the end of 2009, and this album earlier this year and since that it's been a constant played album on my iTunes. Personal favourite tracks include Mirror Mirror, Dream Maker and This War is Silent. Woo!

Bon Ivor the Engine - Aww yay! How awesome is this story, eh? A load of old Ivor the Engine episodes have been found in, of course, an old pig shed. Not a man shed, or a cat shed, or even a giraffe shed, but a pig shed. I'm always losing my classic TV programmes in pig sheds, it's understandable. But I have lots of good memories of watching Ivor the Engine on S4C as a child so it's good to see he's still alive and kicking. I am aware he is a train. And a cartoon.

That's about it for this week I'm afraid folks, hopefully there's plenty to keep you involved but there's always the comments to share new things. I have a feeling today is going to be a good day because people have had some bad days in the comments this week so let's have a great Friday, yes? Excellent, I'm glad we could agree on this! I'll see you guys in those lovely comments!

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